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"A Spiritual Retreat may consist of several hours, days, or even years (regardless of whether you are a Buddhist monk sitting for ten hours in Meditation each day, or eagerly pursuing a spiritual life influenced by your guided study and self-directed practice). The benefits to experiencing a spiritual retreat of any length is infinite"

Dorothy Ratusny

Sacred healing is how you come to know GOD. It is through the experience of witnessing yourself as a being of energy first that you bear witness to the incredible powers of divine (godly) love that is both what you are and what flows through you at any given moment.

Sacred healing invokes a return to your perfect - authentic - nature. As you deepen the relationship with your spiritual self, you transform from within. Your thoughts and behaviours, now reflective of a higher 'spiritual' perspective (encompassing compassion, inner peace, and loving-kindness); encourage the expression of a deeper integrity, embodying what is right and 'best' for you (rather than follow a path that others or society at large deems acceptable). You heal and return to wholeness each time you honour who you are (your authentic self) and live by "your" truth.

Whenever we make choices not aligned with our authentic ('highest') self, we are not living whole. We return to wholeness when we live guided by the infinite wisdom of our heart; by following the vision for our life that supports our highest ideals and desires.

Who is this For?

Are you afraid of speaking up to others, revealing what you really need - out of not wanting to hurt their feelings? Do you need to cultivate balance in your life so you can thrive, rather than be stuck in an endless cycle of behaviours that leave you feeling emotionally and spiritually drained and unfulfilled? Are you self-sabotaging instead of nourishing yourself? Do you wish to find love again and realize this includes honouring a greater belief in your values and in what you have to offer, trusting that the 'right' person as your spiritual equal is out there?

Consider the ways that you have been living inauthentic. Hiding from, or ignoring aspects of who we are, only serve to keep us from being whole. This retreat will help you bring awareness to these disavowed aspects and reveal the tools (and process) for reclaiming your whole self. Experience what it means to live free to experience your immense capacity for greatness.


This spiritual retreat embraces the teachings of sacred healing and the means for living whole and authentic in all aspects of life. What emerges from this way of life is the freedom to express your true nature, feel abundant joy, and an ease to which you approach what is truly important.

Discover your limiting core beliefs and the difference between 'selfish' and 'self-care'; and between 'self-sacrifice' and 'self-love'. Realize that whenever you honour (and follow) your authentic nature, you can never harm another. Your sacred path opens you to new life experiences and supports you in living your infinite potential. While you may have been taught to self-sacrifice or serve others at the expense of caring for your own needs and desires, this actually goes against the loving notion of self-worth and self-love, and perpetuates an inner urging to fill an ever-present void that only you can satisfy.

What to Bring:
Bring a journal or notebook, water, and a mat if you would like to sit or lie on the floor during the guided meditations. You may wish to bring a light snack for the afternoon break. Healthy refreshments will be available. Wear comfortable clothing and dress in layers. The room will be a comfortable temperature with windows that open for fresh air.

Date and Time:
Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 - 12:30 to 5:30pm

Workshop Fee:
$120 plus HST

The Metropolitan United Church (Upstairs Formal Sitting Room)
56 Queen St. East., TORONTO, Ont.
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About Dorothy:
Dorothy Ratusny is a Certified Psychotherapist in private practice in Toronto, Canada who specializes in Cognitive Therapy. She is the Author of 'The Purpose of Love' (Insomniac Press, 2007), 'Live Your Life's Purpose' (Insomniac Press, 2008), 'The Book of WISDOM: Divine Guidance for your Spiritual Journey' (2014), and her NEW Meditation CD, 'Being Love' (2013). Dorothy is a teacher of spirituality; sharing her knowledge of Eastern Doctrines, Metaphysics, and the universal belief of 'being love' that transcends all World Religions. She maintains a longstanding devout daily meditation practice and teaches meditation extensively.

To Register:
Please contact Dorothy t: 647.889.8722 or e: [email protected]