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Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) is a systematic, therapeutic model used in hypnosis to uncover suppressed, repressed and sublimated information which may be responsible for somatic phenomena, negative or harmful behavioral patterns, or life choices which are no longer serving the client's best interests. Past Life Regression Therapy is not a religion nor a philosophical perspective. It is at once an art, a skill, and a science. Many clients do not embrace reincarnation as part of their primary belief system. However, for some three-fourths of the world's population, reincarnation is a belief that is integrated into their religious ideology.

PLRT is particularly beneficial in conjunction with psychotherapy at times when the subconscious mind is protecting issues which are either too painful or too distressing for the client to directly embrace. During a past life regression session, "your unconscious mind will generate pictures and emotions which will be profoundly relevant to you. What is revealed during a session of regression therapy will hold significant information which will aid you in offering greater understanding and clarity of that which is presently occurring in your life."

Once this information is retrieved through careful and meticulous regression techniques, it becomes the thoughtful task of the therapist to sensitively assist the client in understanding this material as a reflection of her/his current life pattern. It can be challenging for the client to embrace the esoteric meaning of the regression, for the information and emotions can be painful or uncomfortable to confront. In most cases, these memories and experiences can be immediately integrated into a client's present day understanding; the information that they receive is often helpful for the issues or questions that they are currently dealing with. My work as a therapist involves helping a client to re-frame and interpret the information they just experienced.

Advantages and Benefits of PLRT:

  • Clients often view and understand painful life patterns, enabling them to have the courage to discontinue them. With the understanding of the origin of their pattern, often clients report an immediate or spontaneous healing in which they no longer continue in the previous pattern or behavior.
  • Understanding of a complex or negative relationship which eluded a client until now. Viewing it from an enlightened perspective, clients can release their bias and accept others (and/or themselves) in a non-judgmental way, making it possible to heal a relationship or to release it with ease.
  • When a client can see what they have done and experienced prior to this incarnation, they can use the knowledge of these experiences to make better choices in this life.

Indications of a Past Life Issue in Your Life:

  • depression
  • phobias
  • obesity
  • chronic medical problems
  • love at 'first sight'
  • unworthiness
  • self-mutilation
  • obsessiveness
  • repeating patterns