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Please join me in Group Practice of
Guided Meditation

Each group meditation practice will offer a review of basic practice techniques as well as spiritual teachings, embracing world theologies, and a particular focus of intention for deeper contemplation.

"Experience a guided practice of meditation that will help you develop your own sacred practice or deepen an existing one." The monthly meditation series is open to all levels. Meditation 'gifts you' with the right teachings and experience for exactly what you need at any given moment.

'Meditation is simply the act of being quiet with yourself and going within. As you quiet the constant monologue that fills the inner space of your being, you experience a state of inner peace and a heightened consciousness. Meditation is a beautiful way to explore your spirituality as you journey inward; experiencing the quiet stillness that is both your highest Self and at once, your connection with the infinite divine.'

Pre-registration is kindly requested.

Who Can Attend?

Open to all levels of experience. Your practice is always your own. You do not need to attend each practice since there will be a introduction to meditation and practice review incorporated each session. Meditation 'gifts you' with the right experience and teaching for exactly what you need at any particular moment.

November 2014

Date: Thursday, November 13th, 2014
Time: 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Address: 66 Centre Street, Thornhill


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Our meditations will be audio recorded and available for FREE for participants attending practice. If you are unable to attend but would like to purchase each of the guided meditations, please email me. Complete audiofiles are available for $12.

Please bring a mat or blanket if you would like to observe meditation practice seated or lying on the floor. Alternatively, chairs are always available. Please dress in layers so you can maintain a comfortable temperature throughout.


For information about specific meeting locations and to register, please contact Dorothy Ratusny at 647.889.8722 or email [email protected]

Session Fee:

$20/person. Bring a guest and introduce them to the experience of meditation!

Frequently Asked Questions

What time of day is best for meditation?
Meditation is typically practiced in the early morning when your mind and heart are clearest and least distracted. Before the hectic schedule of the day, having a time where you can devote to sitting in mindful practice ensures that you can experience greater clarity and a calmness that comes after first waking - and before the activities of the day impact you. The hours of 3-6am are actually considered most ideal for meditation since you can feel the energy of healing and experience more easily novel ideas, and solutions to troubling problems in the silence and calm of the early morning.

How can meditation be fun and easy?
What makes meditation fun and easy is experienced precisely when you give up trying to make it happen and simply experience what is. Surrendering to the process lets you know that you have begun the shift out of your 'thinking' brain to simply being in the present moment; a heart-centred experience. In our group practice sessions, you can entrust me to guide you through different visualizations that will help you explore your energy bodies (your chakras), experience inner healing, learn how to focus your mind at will, and to access your divine inner wisdom - among other fun stuff for a new experience each practice.

My Story

I first experienced a formal meditation class in university. A fourth year course entitled, 'Self-Regulation: Theory and Practice' turned out to really be a lot about meditation. I found myself in a packed room of students lying on mats and hooked up to biofeedback machines that brilliantly measured our basal temperature and heart rate for upwards of an hour each class. This course and the professor who would become one of my academic mentors, instilled within me a genuine interest in the idea that you could effect major changes in your body and mind through meditation.

My self-directed journey of meditation continues to today, predominantly through reading, research, and extensive skill practice. A few years later, by the perfect laws of attraction, I taught that very same course after completing graduate school. I never grew tired of seeing the look of excitement and joy on students' faces the first time they completed a meditation practice, delighted to share their out-of- body experiences and their novel feelings of relaxation and inner peace.

Benefits of Meditation

Research has proven many physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of adopting a regular meditation practice. As little as 5-10 minutes, a few times a week can offer relief and a proactive approach to the daily stress that typically affects us.

Here are some of the physiological benefits that might surprise you:

Meditation increases blood flow and slows heart rate, enhances the immune system, helps you normalize to your ideal weight, enhances energy and strength, decreases the aging process, offers relief from asthma, headaches, and migraines, decreases muscle tension and helps to control (and alleviate) chronic pain.