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In Therapy

"IN THERAPY" is a revealing coupling of theatre and psychology.

An exclusive look at what really happens 'in therapy' as a cast of talented actors portray the intimate and often graphic details of four distinctly different couples and their yearning for love and happiness. Real life issues of self-esteem, infidelity, jealousy, rage, lust, honour, forgiveness, insecurity, are exposed in scenes inside the couples' lives and IN THERAPY with Psychotherapist and Author, Dorothy Ratusny.

IN THERAPY had a successful run at The Lower Ossington Theatre in Toronto in June of 2010

Directed by:
Chloe Whitehorn

Cast Members:
Becky Bridger, Carlynn Reed, Danielle Szlawienie-Haw, Drea Burck, Jack Morton, Jonathon Neville, Lenore White, & Tim Nussey

Produced by:
Chloe Whitehorn and Dorothy Ratusny

Audience Reaction
Here is what some of the audience members had to say:

"Thank YOU for such a wonderful spin on theatre! I hadn't realized just how much improv took place until we heard that the questions coming from you weren't known ahead of time. That takes talent, and all 8 "couples" pulled that off without a hitch, 2 thumbs up!!"

"IN THERAPY was so very thought provoking and original! The cast was amazing and you looked very comfortable and poised on stage - very natural! Your production really connected with the audience and that's what great art does!"

"I could relate to all of the couples based on my collective experiences and I think that's what made it so relevant and amazing."

"We really enjoyed the play and will definitely spread the word."

"Really loved how you and the cast combined the script and adlibbing - wow! I often really found myself asking is this real or do they have a script? Honestly, you got the "blurring the lines between therapy and reality" part.... your production nailed that!"

"Great job with the performances. I really enjoyed the show!"

*A portion of the proceeds from each performance were donated to The Aids Committee of York Region and the Ontario SPCA, York Region Branch.

Meet the Couples:

'Sophie & Chris': Sophie and Chris have been living together for 6 years. Sophie has always loved the attention of men but it's the final straw when Chris 'accidently' finds out about the invitation Sophie received from her boss for a threesome. Now Chris is forced to look at all of the other examples of Sophie's misguided efforts at seeking attention and love in all the wrong places. Feeling neglected and desperate for affection, Sophie doesn't see the harm in causally flirting with other men - even when she finds herself in compromising situations. Therapy has become a place for Chris to realize what he's about to lose and for Sophie to learn how to love herself first.

'Claire & Dillon': Defining herself by being part of a couple, Claire is pushing for the relationship to progress to the next level. Dillon, in his first quasi-serious relationship, is still trying to figure out who he is and where his life is going. As Claire tries to dictate the state of the relationship, Dillon pulls further away, trying to hold on to aspects of his old life, hanging with friends and not being accountable to anyone. Therapy has become a place for the two to figure out what each member of the couple is - and isn't saying to the other, and facing the possibility that exploring the truth will push their relationship to its breaking point.

'Jamie & Alex': dating 4 months, Alex, a director and playwright, is 17 years older than Jamie. Alex has avoided being in a committed relationship since her partner of 7 years left to be with another woman. Attempting to escape her heartbreak, Alex has decided to enjoy her independence and freedom and is currently in causal relationships with two women. When Jamie and Alex met, it was instant chemistry. Now Jamie is determined to have Alex all for herself and wants therapy to help change Alex's mind about being monogamous.

'Sonya & Peter': Sonya & Peter and have been married 11 years. Not knowing how to fix it, their communication has deteriorated beyond the point of no return. Sonya is frustrated, believing that Peter doesn't pay attention when she speaks. Peter maintains that he can never get a word in once Sonya starts her endless montage of dialogue - never really making a point or having clarity in her train of thought. Both are looking to feel connected again but therapy reveals that this may really be the beginning of the end.

Meet the Therapist:

Dorothy Ratusny, M.A., (C). OACCPP., PhD (Candidate) is a Psychotherapist who specializes in Cognitive Therapy - "one of the most widely researched and practiced models of psychotherapy in the world." She sees teens, adults and couples in her private practice and is the author of two books: 'Live Your Life's Purpose: A guidebook for creating and living a purposeful life' and 'The Purpose of Love: A guidebook for defining and cultivating your most significant relationship'.

Together with her formal training, Dorothy applies her study of Eastern philosophies, Theology, Mysticism, and Metaphysics, - teaching clients practical, skill-based principles and techniques within a model of guided discovery as they learn how to trust from within and live their truth. For more information about Dorothy please visit her website:

Meet the Director:

Chloë Ariane Whitehorn

A graduate of Queen's University's theatre program, Chloë Ariane Whitehorn has worked as an actor, playwright, producer, and director (for which she has been the recipient of the Helen McGregor Award for Outstanding Direction). Projects involving the dramatization of real life scenarios have always appealed to Chloë. Last year she co-wrote and performed "The List" based on interviews with women about what they looked for in a partner. This year she is thrilled to be involved with this first incarnation of "In Therapy" and she is very proud of the exceptional cast she has assembled for this project. Chloë can also be seen in June performing at the London Fringe Festival in her show "The Frank Diary of Anne". For more information please visit her webpage:

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