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'Being love' is the highest ideal for embracing and living life. It is simultaneously your infinite intrinsic nature and the greatest gift you could aspire to live as. Being love is your heart open as you feel and express the beautiful impressions of your soul. When you embrace the loving nature of your heart, consider your impact on others as love in action.

Being love is the path of enlightenment. As love, we are simultaneously filled with the light and grace of God. Honour yourself with love. Open to the beautiful pureness of your divine perfection. Each time you listen to these meditations, trust in the perfection of your guided practice to deepen your awareness of your spiritual self. ENJOY meditation as the path for living awakened, enlightened, and as heaven on earth. This is my greatest wish for you. Namaste!


  1. Introduction 2:41
  2. Living Awakened 11:12
  3. The Path to Spirit 14:53
  4. Love 6:43
  5. The Compassionate Heart 10:00
  6. Faith 15:52

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Sample for Track 1 - Introduction

Sample for Track 3 - Living Awakened

Sample for Track 4 - Love

Sample for Track 5 - The Compassionate Heart

Sample for Track 6 - Faith