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To create a life that has meaning and purpose requires the highest level of self-honesty. It requires that you rely on your self for answers and guidance for what's best for you.

Pay attention to the life force of your innate wisdom. Realize that the answers you search for come from within. Trusting this wisdom requires you to follow your intuitive feelings, doing what you believe is best. As the confidence to trust your inner wisdom grows, so does your self-esteem. Your ability to rely on your self means that you no longer require others to tell you what is best.

Be observant when you search outside of your self for answers. Use your present moment awareness to focus your attention within. Notice that any feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, or fear are replaced with a sense of calm as you hear your answer. Use your intuitive wisdom for all questions, no matter how insignificant they seem. In doing so, you strengthen the path within.

Recognize the difference between relying on others for answers about what is best for you and occasions when external feedback and guidance are helpful. For example, a loved one can be an honest observer, helping to validate what you already know or offering new insight, or a trained therapist can provide clarity and a means of thinking differently about yourself, others, and the world.

Daily Practice: Listening Within
Learn to bring your attention back into the moment in order to receive intuitive guidance about what is best and right for you. You have free will to choose what you will do in any moment, however listening within offers information from your higher self.

Begin by taking a few conscious breaths and ask: "What do I need in this moment?"

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