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You can find meaning and purpose for your life, when you can reach the happiness that exists within. Then, you can begin to consider what you need to do to create a life that relates directly to that.

Lee didn't feel worthy of putting any of his needs first. He drank to excess as a way of pushing down the anxiety and resentment that came with all of the self-imposed responsibilities. Lee began to practice conscious breathing, both as a technique to calm his mind and body to alleviate anxiety, and as a way of connecting to his inner self. Over a period of several weeks, as Lee began having small successes with his breath practice, the heart palpitations he experienced as a consequence of his acute anxiety began to dissipate. In those initial brief moments of quiet, Lee began to ask himself some important questions using the exercise above. I also showed Lee how to use his intuitive wisdom to make decisions based on fulfilling the needs he identified.

Your Inner Wisdom
As humans, our intellectual development has hindered our ability to listen to our inner voice. We have lost our ability to connect with our intuitiveness, relying instead on our rational or thinking brain for answers.

We make decisions based on what we think we should do influenced largely by what society deems important. The unrealistic expectations we unconsciously live by make it extremely difficult to feel as though we are successful. By the time we reach early adolescence, the connection to our intuitive self is long lost. The honesty that was natural and effortless in childhood is replaced with a desire to prove our worth based on our perception of what society values as important.

We innocently ignore our inner wisdom and become consumed with the endless dialogue in our minds. The path within is lost.

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