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with a means for connecting within. Each morning she would sit for ten minutes (while looking out her bay window) and breathe. Julia challenged herself to stay focused on her breath to avoid distraction. She reminded herself that her conscious mind would decide what she would think about.

As you make the conscious effort to reconnect within, you begin to create moments that are yours. Use conscious breathing as a way of focusing your attention inward, and simply listen. Follow your breath as a way of experiencing inner quiet. In the beginning, creating moments of quiet is enough to honour your self.

The week after she began her meditation practice, it was like a new person was sitting in my office. Julia looked visibly different - younger, with a more relaxed appearance. She no longer frowned through most of the session. Instead, her playful sense of humour had resurfaced. Julia explained that the conscious breathing was "a lifesaver." She could feel a noticeable difference in her mood state during and after her breathing practice. Julia laughed as she described her positive experiences. Through following her breath she felt calm and peaceful. Julia could feel a deep sense of inner happiness - one that she had not felt in a long time.

When you can experience the calm within you, you find the happiness that exists there also. Feeling this innate happiness motivates you because you naturally want to extend these moments, and create many more of them. You also begin to realize that it's easier than you thought to create a life based on authentic happiness.

With a means of creating inner calm, Julia felt reconnected to her self. Experiencing authentic happiness was empowering. She practiced being conscious of her thoughts and no longer allowed her emotions to control

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