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Chapter Three
Finding Meaning and Purpose

Out of doing what you feel most passionate about, you create meaning and purpose for your life.

With consciousness comes the desire to seek more - for yourself and your life. You believe that there is more for you to experience and enjoy then what you currently have in your life. Meaning and purpose are intrinsically felt qualities, akin to feeding your soul. Feeling purposeful is fundamentally experienced when you observe your actions affecting another living being in a positive way.

Do you yearn for something more for your life? What contributes to your experience of feeling purposeful? What aspects of your life currently provide you with a sense of fulfillment? What allows you to feel a sense of worth and value?

Fundamentally, you affect others by your choice to be any or all of the qualities you believe are honourable. You inspire others when you lead by example. It isn't about invoking change but rather being the change you want to see. By choosing to define your own purpose in this world you instill hope in others. When you create a life that is meaningful, happiness is effortless.

The Art of Happiness
Happiness is the natural state of our spirit. A central theme of Buddhist and Hindu teaching, happiness is a reflection of dharma - living in accordance with our life's purpose. When our choices and behaviours reflect our truth, we easily experience authentic happiness. With the potential to experience a natural state of happiness, how is it that happiness seems to elude us?

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