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Your love relationships are healthiest when you can navigate them using your conscious awareness. To be consciously aware is to be present in your life and an active player in your destiny. Consciousness implies self-awareness and discovery. To be self-aware is to experience a connection to your inner self. In self-awareness, you easily recognize life lessons and apply these in creating positive change. Without consciousness, you find yourself in a constant flurry of reacting to what others 'say' and 'do'. Without consciousness you distrust or ignore your intuitive inner voice - finding ways to remain busy and distracted instead. With conscious awareness, you are reminded of the importance of achieving a balance that includes enjoying the experience of being in relation and simultaneously exploring and honoring your individual self.

Your most profound love relationship teaches you unconditional love.
In your most significant love relationship, you appreciate that both you and your partner are not perfect. To love someone unconditionally doesn't mean that you are compelled to overlook their intense flaws or to allow them to treat you poorly and with a lack of respect. Loving another human being unconditionally means that they can be who they are without having to behave in a way that suits your purpose. You love them in spite of the fact that they may not always close the screen door behind them (even when reminded), or that they may repeatedly leave their tools lying around rather than put them away. Your greatest lesson, outside of becoming more evolved in who you are, is being able to love another person without conditions.

Cultivating unconditional love for your partner helps you to do the same with others. Through your unconditional love, you teach others that they can be who they are (even if you may not agree with, or approve of their behavior at times). Loving without conditions allows you to accept others without imparting judgment or negative consequences because they are not exactly what you deem they should be.

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