S i s t e r s …..

I think about what it means to have a sister. Not necessarily a blood relation (although you’re most lucky if you do!)…but a special female friend. Sisters are friends in the truest sense of the word. They force us to grow like no one else since they have the experience (albeit their own personal, unique one) of living with us as a child. They know our parents, our other siblings, and they’ve been a part of all of the inner most details, secrets, hardships, and joy of our family of origin.

Sisters present a world of difference. They are alike us in many ways – all of the ways that make us feel connected – like we are part of a whole – a deeper sense of truth. And yet we are forced to embrace them as uniquely “their own”. Reared with their own distinct set of ways in which they look at the world – their own lives, and the way their thoughts and perceptions can envelop truth.

Sisters are passionate – they love us and yet they need to be love, honoured, respected, and told how incredible they are. Regardless what birth order they fall in, they add incredible wealth of character, wisdom, kindness, and spirit to our life and the lives of our family members. They acknowledge us to be their closest confidant, companion, fashion muse, ‘forever’ keeper of life altering secrets, master of witty jokes which allow for impromptu giggle, and inspired planner of the fate of the world.

Sisters, whether they are biologically our family or ‘family’ of our own choosing….need a special place in our lives. You don’t need to see them – or even speak with them every day (although it’s wonderful to be able to stay connected on a regular basis!) to know you’re loved – and to feel a special knowing that comes with having one or more of these wonderful women in your life.

To be a sister is to honour yourself. For your sister teaches you much about who you are….what you are made of…..and what good things you still need to get better at!

To sisters and beyond….

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What are you waiting for?

I’m reminded that summer is in full swing as I enjoy multiple days of hot temperatures, and warm, sweet-smelling nights. One of the things that we tend to do is look ahead to the future but without planning what we want for our life. Looking forward to the summer for any number of reasons is one great motivator to also decide what your summer will look like.

What will you plan for yourself this summer? What events, occasions, activities, and memories do you plan to create? Take just a few moments to list what is most important to you this summer. It doesn’t have to be a long list….just a list that will inspire you to create the summer – a simple summer – of what you really want. Then…go out and make it happen!

Happy Summer Everyone!

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Trusting Yourself will Allow You to Trust Others

Original Publication: York Region ‘Liberal’ Newspaper  – December 2001

Trust is the fundamental building block of human relationships. In our personal lives, we trust that our friends will be open and honest with us. If they are not, we may feel less comfortable around them, – and less willing to share of our own self. We trust that we will be able to give our friends our open and honest opinion about something and that they will not be offended because our opinion comes from a place of truthfulness and compassion. We also trust that our friends will not be judgmental and critical of us, but accept us for who and what we are. We trust that our friends are able to recognize all of our good qualities, and yet be patient with us as we continue to grow and evolve. When we trust that certain people in our lives will not make negative judgments about who we are, we can then feel comfortable in being ourselves — including being silly, angry, or sad at any one moment. We can be our authentic self and feel at ease in the presence of our friends. To have even one friend who allows us to be able to do this is indeed a great gift.

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Redefine Your Identity

Original Publication: The Globe and Mail – Canada’s National Newspaper –  November 21, 2003

If you were asked to define yourself, chances are, you’d start by describing what you do for a living.

Our sense of identity and self-esteem is tightly woven into our work. We assess our self-worth based on how successful we are at our jobs and how others perceive and acknowledge our performance.

Yet what happens if we begin to feel less passionate, or even bored with what we do for a living? How do we go about restructuring our definition of “self” if we have always associated who we are with our work?

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Living Consciously

Original Publication: The Globe and Mail – Canada’s National Newspaper – January 14, 2003

`Consciousness’ is one of the biggest buzz words yet to rise from Eastern mystical practices. But what does it really mean and why should you care?

Living consciously means taking responsibility for your life and your actions. That is, you see yourself as who and what you really are.

And the best part of choosing to become conscious of the events and experiences of your life is that you become more responsible for your future.

Consciousness breeds self-improvement: When you choose to be honest with yourself about your strengths and – more importantly – your flaws, then you must also decide what you are going to do to change.

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Knowing your SELF Helps You Find Love

Original Publication: York Region ‘Liberal’ Newspaper  – June 2001

While there are literally thousands of single people in the greater Toronto area, all of the indicators would suggest that most singles would prefer to be in a healthy ‘love relationship’ with a significant other.

What constitutes a healthy love relationship and why does it appear to be so elusive for so many?

A healthy love relationship is built on a solid foundation of mutual respect, loyalty, trust, and safety to be who you are without fear of judgment. It often begins from a solid friendship that develops over time as you learn about (and develop a respect for) each other.

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I Think, Therefore I Feel Better

Original Publication: The Globe and Mail – Canada’s National Newspaper – August 15, 2003

Your thoughts control your entire existence.

Pretty incredible when you stop and think about it.

The way that you think about something, determines how you will feel and react. What this means is that your perception of a person, event, or circumstance actually creates the way you feel and consequently, how you react.

How many of us make it a practice to pay close attention to our thoughts? No doubt this isn’t the easiest thing to do – particularly since we are constantly bombarded with internal and external noise that distracts us from focusing within.

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Follow Your Heart to Find Your Life’s Purpose

Original Publication:  The Globe and Mail  – Canada’s National Newspaper – April 16, 2003

So, you’ve found your life’s purpose – that job that encompasses what you naturally do well, and what you most enjoy. You go to sleep each night feeling content and fulfilled because you know that you are making a difference in the world. Not exactly? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, most of us choose careers with our heads and not our hearts (or our instincts for that matter). Instead of pursuing the things we are good at and love to do, we choose occupations to provide the security, money and status that we think will make us happy. And by the time we realize our mistake, we feel trapped or stuck.

The single biggest indicator that you are not living your life’s purpose is if you feel unsatisfied and unhappy in your profession. Now think for a moment about any person – famous or not – who followed their hearts and pursued what they were most passionate about. These are the people who contribute to the world we live in. They inspire and motivate us because of the visible joy and excitement they exhibit – not only because of what they are doing with their lives – but for life itself.

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Being Single, a Chance to Learn About Yourself

Original Publication: York Region ‘Liberal’ Newspaper – October 2002

In a world where we base so much value on being in a love relationship, where does that leave all of those who are single?

Being single serves an important purpose in our life. Most importantly, it allows us to learn more about our self and, as a result of doing so, to feel good about who we are. In fact, it is when we have not spent enough time on our own, that we are more likely to lose our sense of self when we are in a relationship.

Our accomplishments as a single person reminds us of our ability to be self-reliant and independent. As a result, we build our self-confidence and develop a greater sense of personal worth. We do not need to fear being alone – now, or at some future time in our life, if we know from experience that, no matter what, we can survive and be happy being on our own.

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The Rise of Global Consciousness

Global consciousness – a level of increased awareness amongst humanity– is created by individual initiative driven by the human spirit.  The mastery of divine human insight and knowledge that many of us already search for is not restricted to the achievement of pure enlightenment, but rather it is part of our divine right.  Nestled in the ease of human consumption, we are not restricted to living purely capitalist ideas of wealth and power.

Global consciousness is not necessarily tied to technological advancement nor advanced learning – but rather it is a direct result of growth and evolution of the individual being that on a large scale affects change and mass consciousness.  It is the realization that out of human potential we evolve not simply as beings in our physical experience but masterful of what is the most incredible potential – to be intrinsically self-aware  – not only of our own internal dialogue and human experience but of the divine which is within all of us.

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