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Live Your Life’s Purpose

Dorothy’s second book, Live Your Life’s Purpose, reminds us that the secret to our authentic happiness is in knowing our life’s purpose and living that purpose — daily.

Live Your Life’s Purpose Available in bookstores and through online book sellers.

Live your Life’s Purpose offers a pragmatic approach to developing the skills of consciousness, self-evolution, and self-actualization, enabling you to identify the bigger purpose for your individual existence. Dorothy encourages readers to adopt a philosophy of self-awareness and guided exploration (using her simple, and yet empowering introspective exercises) as a way of cultivating inner wisdom and living your truth.

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The Purpose of Love

Blame it on Cinderella: We get married because we want to believe that true love and lasting happiness are possible, but all too often, our choice of a mate is based on flawed assumptions and unrealistic expectations. We have an idealistic view of how our love relationship should be, but we ignore the work it takes to create and sustain that healthy lasting love. We expect our love relationship to make us happy, without knowing what happiness means for us.

The Purpose of Love Available from bookstores and online book sellers.


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