Do You See What I See? (Warning: Graphic Content)

“Thank you to the driver in the car behind me who let me stop safely on the side of the road – although dangerously abrupt (without using my signals). You were watching out for me.”

I couldn’t let the cat die all alone in the middle of the road.  I needed to at least hold him in my arms.

I keep my eyes peeled on the road when I drive at night.  I know how easy it is for animals to dash out unexpectedly and with little warning. I saw the reflection of ‘his’ eyes and his long legs carrying him with great strides across the single lane busy road.  I watched with gripping fear realizing what was about to happen as he almost made it to the other side. I wished the driver of the other vehicle had hit their breaks.  Even a minimal reduction in speed could have made a difference. I don’t think the other driver saw what I saw.

I see animals dead on the road every single day of my life.  It’s a facet of where I live and the fact that we (society) have constantly encroached on nature.  I silently say my prayer each time: “I ask that their soul be returned up to God and healed”.  That is my prayer.

In the moments when it is unfolding, I am calm. My heart aches for what we don’t see – the fragile state of life – and how in an instant, life becomes death.

As I ran out to ‘him’, the road mysteriously ‘clear’ and empty of all traffic – I knew it would only be moments before more cars travelled towards us – perhaps also not seeing what was before them.  I saw his body convulsing, almost ‘jumping’ as he writhed in insurmountable pain.  I picked him up gently and held him in my arms.  I felt his body stop moving and become still as I walked quickly away from the middle of the road.  And then, only moments later, I felt one last heart beat.  It was powerful and strong.  I felt it simultaneously in my own body; like the beat was shared between us both.  Then nothing.

Every moment is precious.  We waste so many moments in unproductive ways. Scrolling through spam emails; being angry when we could be loving instead; holding unkind or even hateful thoughts about our self or others.  We often don’t see nor live realizing the preciousness of each moment.

Please consider how special each moment has the potential to be.  Contemplate how much control you have by choosing your reaction, your response, your words.  Please see the importance of each moment.  Please realize how your actions: ‘awake’ or ‘sleepwalking’ through life, affects the lives of other living beings.


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