World Kindness Day: November 13th

World kindness day is November 13th each year.

It has been delegated in order to help nations and individuals create a kinder world. It’s also a wonderful representation of how individuals making decisions are investing are investing in our global unity.

For kindness to exist among countries – it must first be an individual experience. It must be practised as a human condition – as an instinctive reaction among each one of us – and as what we teach and model for our children and future generations.

Kindness can be a deliberate and yet natural outpouring of who and ‘what’ we are.

Kindness is a life value. It is our inherent nature and yet it is also an intentional practice that we choose to uphold. Kindness can (with consciousness and deliberate will) become our ‘go to’ response based on choosing to think of others (and ourselves) with positiveness rather than mistrust, fear, and judgement. Kindness begets kindness. Being kind helps us to cultivate understanding; to see others as equals, and to remember the end goal of our discussions, deliberations, and even disagreements – which is always to remain – kind.

Kindness ultimately resolves potential conflict, allowing people to be as they are, realizing the fact that we all have our own unique preferences and beliefs– while challenging ourselves to look for how we are all alike.

If the other person remains unwilling to be kind, then your kindness will always serve you best in dealing with others in a fair and civil manner. When we are deliberately kind, it is far easier to hold compassion, care, and trust. (If someone has proved to be untrustworthy, we can still trust that our kindness will show them that we are capable of empathy and compassion – even if we choose to uphold our relationship boundaries with them).

Kindness is what builds and sustains positive, healthy relationships. When we think of being kind first even in the face of unkindness, we are able to dismantle much of the negativity and fear based behaviours of others. With kindness, we are able to realign ourselves with a common goal; and if we continue to hold differences, then we may do so respectfully, with the acceptance that others may have a different belief system or set of ideas. When people (and ultimately nations) come together in kindness, they are ultimately able to agree on the fundamental life values of peacefulness, respect of all living beings, and the ability to live in harmony rather than war.

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An international movement to practice kindness (aka Kindness Day) reminds us of the need to choose how we will be in any given moment (and especially when it may seem easier to react in frustration, anger, displeasure, or even aggression).

Practising kindness outwardly teaches us much about responsibility. First, to ourselves as we make the conscious choice to be kind even in the face of what may seem like our ‘right’ to respond in defence of others not being kind. Practising kindness teaches us how to see beyond the action of another and to remember that any unkindness directed towards us is rarely about who we are, but rather the other person and their personal struggles to be heard, accepted, valued, important, and secure.

Whether as a personal challenge in light of world kindness day or as an opportunity to become kinder more consistently…consider what deliberate and thoughtful acts of kindness you can do today. Pay attention to how your conscious attention towards being kind, changes how you feel in that instant; softening how you think and feel about yourself, others, and the situation. You might also want to notice how act of kindness (much like a boomerang) come back to you quite effortlessly.


Some important questions to ponder to examine your own commitment to being kind:

Are you teaching your children about the importance of kindness first as a way of being in the world, and as a part of their personality and behaviour ? – For example in sport (where you can still be highly competitive – yet kind)?

Do you model kindness for your children, peers, and co-workers? Do you choose to think kindly of someone rather than assume they have ulterior motives or are dubious and untrustworthy? (You can still be kind to someone that you have chosen to uphold boundaries within if they are not trustworthy or kind).

Do you practice kindness (here’s a tougher one perhaps) in the face of unkindness? Can you personally be kind to someone who is showing you envy, rage, anger, discontent?

If you choose to embrace the power of living kindly as who you are, what do you need to change of your existing behaviours?

Namaste everyone!


WKM is an international movement with no political or religious affiliations. The idea for the formation of the organization came out of a conference in Tokyo in 1997 when Japan brought together like-minded kindness organizations from around the world. It is now recognised as the peak global body for Kindness, . The mission of the WKM is to inspire individuals towards greater kindness and to connect nations to create a kinder world. Members of the movement include over 25 nations with representatives from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Liberia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Romania, Scotland, South Korea,Switzerland,Thailand, United Arab Emerites, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the USA.
For more please visit:

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Random Acts of Loving-Kindness: Reclaiming Valentine’s Day as a way to remind us to be spontaneously LOVING in our actions.


Consider Valentine’s Day …a day that is already ‘hyped’ with a focus on LOVE …to be a day in which you make no distinctions between who you are being loving with.


It’s about sharing the LOVE… the kindness…and the appreciation of others in your life (and possibly a random stranger or two that will likely always remember your gesture of kindness and love).

Can we all share a little love just because it feels good to do so?


My seventeen year old client had the most incredible experience with what she thought would be a surprise gifting of roses (pre-Valentine’s Day) to someone she loves.

But he wasn’t in class the day she showed up with roses and a hand written love poem …as well as permission from the class teacher to reveal a grand gesture of her love.

Instead of worrying about how she would get the flowers to him, Sarah (a pseudonym and not her real name) kept the flowers in her locker until the end of the day and then flagged down random strangers – some in cars near her school, and two on a city bus – giving out a single rose to each ‘random’ person with a smile and a wish “to have a happy day”. The impromptu social experiment became a gesture in giving back in a way she never expected.

At one car, she noticed a father with his kids in tow. Sarah asked the father if she could give a rose to his young daughter in the back seat – the only girl in a family of three boys. He graciously obliged. The look of instant glee on the little girl’s face as her eyes lit up magically was almost enough to send my client into bliss….

Actually, it did.

…And Sarah shared the other roses in the same way – magically, deliberately, and with loving-kindness.


In a way that marks a new routine in your life, perhaps you too will reclaim Valentine’s day (week, etc) and make it what would be truly an incredible practice – a day of random acts of loving-kindness.

Begin with smiling at a stranger instead of avoiding eye contact. Step it up with paying for the person’s coffee in line in front of you, hand out a gift card to the person that collects and disposes of your recycling and compost each week, shovel your neighbour’s steps, bake cookies to give to those people that you see each week at the grocery store or bank who always serve you with kindness because that is who they are… or anything else that inspires you and says, “You are special” to someone.

This is what love looks like … the giving of kindness from the heart – whether by actual gift or as a gesture of appreciation and acknowledgement.


For Sarah, her innocent and spontaneous gestures stirred in her a promise to always pass out roses on Valentine’s Day. It would be a way that she could make someone’s else day a little more special, a little more meaningful, a lot more magical.

Take back the commercialism and ‘big business’ of a day that is often filled with unmet (and also unspoken) expectations and consider what it means to….just be the love – period.

Without realizing it, you will have made your day a lot more special as well.

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This month’s inner reflection is on abundance.  Curiously interesting to the notion of abundance is the idea of gratitude.  Manifesting abundance includes daily practices of expressing thanks and feeling gratitude for all that is good in life, and for all that you already have.


The beauty of abundance is everywhere.

Begin to see the abundance that exists all around you; some obvious examples include water, food, sunlight, and oxygen.  Consider that life is filled with abundant choices: of possibilities, new experiences; of infinite laughter and love; and kindness.  It all depends on how you view or perceive what already is.


Gratitude is key for experiencing infinite abundance; simply because – like everything else, it operates through the Universal Law of Attraction, which governs all energy in the universe.  Known as ‘like attracts like’, this universal law is at work in our life all the time, whether we are aware of it working or not.


When you are grateful, you bring more of what you are grateful “for” to you.  This is how you manifest abundance.


We see the words of gratitude in holy scripture throughout time:  In the Gospel of Matthew: “Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance.  Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.” The idea here is in having gratitude.  


In the Koran, the promise of abundance exists as:  “And (remember) when God proclaimed: If you are grateful I will give you more…”

Being observant of, and acknowledging existing abundance with gratitude brings more abundance to you.  The universal law of attraction operates on your thoughts because thoughts are energy; therefore whatever you think (and feel) you attract to you.


Consider your gratitude as a magnet; you literally bring to you more abundance through the gratitude you hold.

Scientist Sir Isaac Newton discovered the fundamental law of motions; one of which says: “Every action always has an opposite and equal reaction.”  Applying the idea of gratitude to this law reminds us that every action of giving always has an opposite and equal reaction of receiving.   The amount of gratitude you have for anything will always be the equivalent to the amount of abundance you receive.



Lao Tzu:  “If you rejoice in the way things are, the whole world will belong to you.”


Buddha:  “You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy.”


Consider that true abundance begins with being grateful for all that you already have: in health, freedom, choice, quality air to breathe, love, friendship, happiness, a job, running hot water, a bed to sleep in, and so much more.  Be especially grateful for what you would like to continue seeing in your life and for what more you would like to manifest.



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Divine Guidance: Reflections for February 2012

We are all divinely guided.

We all have the capacity for greatness: of being greatness as our true nature as beings of spirit and of love.

Whether or not you believe in a higher consciousness (something we typically refer to as god): receiving divine guidance simply means that you are able to exist outside of the racing, ‘anxiety-driven’ thoughts in your mind and simply experience life – “be in it with full presence”.

When you begin to slow the incessant thoughts that fill most of your waking moments, you start to notice the gaps….the small spaces of quiet in between.  As you bring attention to those gaps they expand…even a little, offering a quiet ‘nothingness’ … and the experience of pure being.

At first, you may experience a state of being by accident, a longer moment of quiet in Shavasana at the end of a yoga class, a moment or two of QUIET between your thoughts as you walk along a snow covered path in the forest, or a moment of pure joy where you realize you were simply existing in the present moment.  Each and all of these are what you might experience -heightening your awareness of the inner quiet that is possible.

Meditation is one example of a formal practice in ‘quieting the mind’.  The objective is to experience the present moment, usually by using a focal point such as your breath, in order to maintain your attention.  Once you develop a feel for what being present is truly about, you can intentionally bring your awareness into the moment at any time knowing that to do so simply requires you decision and perhaps a deliberate “letting go” of any and all thoughts that may be in the way.


Perhaps you then consider integrating a regular practice: of prayer, meditation, or guided contemplation whereby you quietly observe your self in silence – simply being – giving way to your inner knowing – the version of your highest self – that quietly, yet faithfully begins to surface from its place in your unconscious mind (which typically you don’t have access to in your waking busy moments).  This inner knowing gives you “right direction” for your life.  It exists from within you as a felt sense, an intuitive feeling, or sometimes as an inner voice.  Your intuitive or higher self – this divine nature that is both within you and in all living things becomes noticeable in your conscious mind only after you have turned down the volume of your conscious mind (and all of the internal self-dialogue noise) long enough to feel and hear from within.

This is the sacred dwelling place of your inner wisdom – your divine guidance.

If you continue exploring, your intuitive nature will direct you to a spiritual path.  This is because your divine guidance is the pure energy of the universal consciousness and not of form.  Pursuing a spiritual path, you become mindful of the higher values of love, truth, and your connection to this infinite universal intelligence. 

You and every other human being has the potential (the free will) to choose an existence that supersedes the everyday aspects of life that we have been conditioned to accept with limits.  The more you actively seek out your highest self as that part of you that is also part of the infinite universal consciousness, the greater confidence you have in your ability to be divinely guided; to know what is inherently best and right for your life, and to trust in your path using your god-given talents to contribute positively in the world.  On a separate and related level, your intuitive nature inspires you to pursue your life seeking the most compassionate gifts of spirit: love, kindness, joy, faith, trust, compassion, and truth.


The path of love and healing begins with you.  From the mysteries (divine blessings) that you cultivate in walking a path of divine goodness, your openness to learning self-improvement, higher integrity, and loving self-care, culminates in living a life you are deeply proud of.

Remaining ‘open’ to your spiritual journey, you examine what comes into your life with curiousity rather than condemnation.  You can observe moments of irrational outbursts or vulnerable fear and be grateful for an opportunity to learn from these rather than feel defeated by them.  You can ask in moments of quiet contemplation or prayer for the ‘right’ path, for strength to live in ‘right’ ways, for the courage to make ‘right’ choices and then follow and trust what you receive.  Sometimes you will experience your divine guidance directly and other times you will receive messages in the form of signs, symbols or words “randomly” spoken to you through others.  These are all moments of divine guidance being present in your life.

As humans with free will we all have the ability to choose.  Choose a path of goodness, of right moral order, or choose to hide; deceive yourself and others, deny and condemn.  Each of us is capable of any action; we always get to choose.  Consciously or unconsciously we choose everything.

And the wondrous part of all of this is that we have the ability to continue seeking more, evolving, and becoming a greater version of ourselves…. for as long as we choose to do so.

Be open to the idea of a universal intelligence that is both responsible for manifesting what we know as our physical world as well as the infinite consciousness that is a part of everything.

This universal God force or consciousness is what reminds us of our infinite potential to be the very best version we can possibly imagine for our self.  All of the fears, insecurities, wounds, and misperceptions that we experience in our life as physical beings can be overcome by stepping out of our ego-driven self and instead bringing conscious attention to our quality as infinite beings of spirit (energy).

Divine guidance while on this journey involves a contemplation of our nature as good and a freedom for living with joy and in prosperity.


This month, open yourself up to the divine guidance that already exists in your life.  Seek answers, knowledge, information, as well as the courage and strength to move toward what changes you seek: both in yourself but as a being of love.  See your own path as infinite and divine and in quiet moments of spirit, ask for help; ask to be divinely guided as part of what will help you realize your biggest ideals.





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Beyond the Ordinary…

Sometimes you are called upon to do extraordinary things.

When this happens …act upon this calling… for it will mean that you serve in a life altering way for another human being.  Going beyond the ordinary isn’t about power; it is about service.  It is about following the inner calling that says, “help this person”.  It’s about using your own innate abilities – your god-given gifts – to help others… and to do so simply… because you can.

In life, we often look for reasons why we should do things.  Finding a ‘should’ is troublesome because it says we ought to do something but we don’t really want to.  Should is never a word that ideally drives an important decision.  If you choose to do something because you want to; because you can; because it is important in some way – then you are almost guaranteed that the
outcome will be grand. 

No, you may not become famous or instantly rich because of one grand gesture of kindness.  But you will make a difference in the world.  And if you are fortunate enough to see the impact of your kindness; your help; your loving nature; that is a gift unto itself. 

Your choice to help someone in need is beautiful karma that will return tenfold in wonderful ways in your life – and even while you don’t choose to be extraordinary as a means to building your karmic ‘bank account’, wonderful acts of grace and kindness go far in building a beautiful life.

Photo by Katie Hebert

Consider what you can do to go beyond what you’ve always done. 

Be mindful of your ‘grace-filled’ talents and gifts that are easy for you to share, even as others may not have these same abilities. 

Share your divine nature with others simply because you can…and see how your small efforts to help make someone else’s life better…for just that moment – or for a lifetime.


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In a perfect world there is the integrity of kind words and actions. 

There is hope and the mindful blessings that occur when one is easily kind and compassionate. 

And there is truth.

Much can be done to live kindly and with loving action.  But without truth you become easily lost.  Without truth your lies, secrets, ommissions, and distractions serve to convince others of who you say you are trying to become. 

Without self-honesty and a willingness to admit your truth, you become ever so quietly mired in the lies and misguided statements you tell yourself (and others).   Without truth you have nothing.

I listen to clients and others talk about their lives and I can sense when they are being self-honest …. and when they are trying to convince themelves of their lies.  The two sound very different.  As a therapist my job is to ask socratic questions which allow clients to see the events of their lives – and the way they view themelves and the world…differently.  I am also known to challenge clients – encouraging them to live in their truth.

With honesty a person is willing to look at their self even when what they admit is painful, embarassing, or self loathing in nature. 

With self-honesty there is a real awakening – as if revealing what is true in and of itself begins the process of healing, transformation, and  discovery. 

The act of conscious awareness, ownership, and self-integrity means that you can look ahead to what changes you seek; and how you want to be.

When you don’t ‘live in your truth’ your web of lies becomes unbearable to manage.  After a time you begin to falter because – after all – the deliberate act of maintaining “untruths” is both time consuming and mentally fatiguing.  You suffer in all aspects of your personal and professional life and you are inhibited from true change – from growth – and from having the kind of life that you really want.

Ask yourself if your willingness to hide the truth is really worth it.  Ask how much more of your life quality are you willing to sacrifice for what you have set up to believe in your mind.  For no matter how good you become at ‘lie telling’, your body, your DNA and molecular structure – your inner self …knows the truth. 

The inconsistency between the tales you spin and what your inner       consciousness knows keeps you locked in anxiety, fear, depression and above all else – your true self.

When are you willing to stop hiding?  When do you begin to live truthfully?

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April 2011: FREEDOM

In Yoga Sutra, freedom is referred to as: APAVARGA.

April brings many new changes to our lives.  One is the obvious new season and with that new growth, new (positive!) challenges, and new experiences.

Spring: By Katie Hebert

Can you also freely express your thoughts and feelings with love?

Whatever your life situation, when you realize that you have the power to be free, freedom follows.  Everything that you do in your life is by choice, and you are free to choose each moment …each day …each opportunity ….again. 

Regardless of your life circumstance, your life condition, you are always free to choose your thoughts.  Your thoughts can allow you to feel peace and happiness under any condition.  Consider that.

The next time you begin a sentence with the words, “I have to …………… ” stop yourself.  Remember your alternatives, your choices – your freedom to choose.  Complete any task with a loving mindset so you don’t feel trapped, or instead – choose something you truly love.

You can find fulfillment and freedom in the vast universe that exists within you, or you can remain a prisoner of your mind and body – you choose. 

You can also choose freedom in every moment.



Namaste and blessings! …. April is here!


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Just about now, you might be desperately wishing Spring would arrive…or hoping that there is more ‘good’ winter to enjoy the outdoor activities that you have embraced this season.

Which of these is your focus ?

While much of the excitement and anticipation of January’s resolve and intentions may be fading, this is precisely the right time to refocus: to create clarity and direction for this year and for the rest of your life.

Sounds like a huge job?  ….Not really.

Begin with your sankalpa – your resolve.  Does this ‘life focus’ continue to shape your daily choices?  Do you need to return to your sankalpa?  Or create a second one? (For information on how to create your sankalpa visit:  )

Now may be the perfect time to return to a focus on your love relationship.  “Re-focusing” your energy and effort toward the person you have chosen to be with and into your couple relationship, means a return to nurturing, attention, and loving kindness – unconditionally.

This time of year also marks a reminder to focus on your savings, investments, perhaps resolving your personal debt …and certainly creating goals for income, wealth, and the future.

You may have been contemplating a change in your job, an entire career change, or simply the idea of making your work more enjoyable and meaningful.  After all, it is such a large component of your life; wouldn’t it be wise to focus on making work …a joy? 

How about a focus on YOU?  What parts of your life are still ‘out of focus’?  What aspects of your personality, your behaviors, and core beliefs continue to reveal themselves in a less positive way?  What do you need to focus on – to change – to continuing paying close attention to?

FOCUS is about attention.  It is about placing attention on what you want.  To do that you must first know what your intentions are. 

Start with a basic list:  What do I want?  What makes me happy?  What is my truth?

With pure HONESTY let your inner self guide you.   If you answer these questions from the clearest point of truth in your heart, you will have clear direction.  You will have right answers.  You will have focus.

And then you begin.

Move in the direction of these ideals.  Continue to remain focused on them by reminding yourself of their importance.  List the reasonable actions steps that carefully mark your path, allowing you to stay focused on the goal – but equally important, making your progress a step-by-step process that you can easily follow.  Your goals needs a path.  Your heart needs a focus. 

You need to be clear and truly want what you have in front of you for it to materialize. 

Some of the many 'friends' at the Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctary, Australia

For example, if everyone else wants an umbrella and you want a kangaroo – you need to follow that intention.  No opting out for the umbrella just because umbrellas might be more popular, or easier to find; or because they seem easier to take care of.  The kangaroo is what makes your heart leap for joy.  You know the path.  You know what you have to do.  Write it down.  Make it tangible.  Start.  Begin in the direction of your will, your truth….and go get your kangaroo!

Do this with everything in your life.  See how fun (and simple) it can become.  The difficulty comes with distraction.  Actualizing, attaining, receiving… all come with focus.

Namaste everyone!


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and the word is … LOVE

LOVE: Photography by Katie Hebert

Consider how you can look within to cultivate the experience of love.  How can you experience love as infinitely accessible and available to YOU?  What makes it possible for you to experience love that originates from within your being?

The answer is truth.

When you feel authentic love it overwhelms you, it fills your being, it creates a blissful experience.  You feel it throughout your entire being.  That is the nature of love.  A powerful pure, energy – it moves through you and with it you transform.  It is the energy that unites all beings.  You feel its effects and you are inspired to be outwardly LOVING.  This is similar to how you feel when you love another being.

In choosing to ‘experience and be’ unconditional love – you will forever change your life.

We find love easiest when we know our self – our inner workings and the inner messages we hold about who we are.  When we establish what is truthful, we begin to work from that place: knowing, evolving, growing our self and our capacity to love.

At first love comes externally, through relationships, and in other practical ways- often material in nature.  Then, with the idea that love actually exists within our being, we are able to be loving outwardly to others as a precursor to the experience of love; we are free to learn how to generate feelings of love for our self.




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if every day…

GENEROSITY Visit for more beautiful photography

What does the magic of Christmas feel like?  Think about it for a moment and re-experience those feelings within you.  Christmas inspires your heart in ways you don’t always experience.  We associate Christmas with ideals of love, kindness, giving, joy, hope, and special moments that come from our ideas and ideals of what it means to share, love, and be joyful. 

It isn’t the 25th of December that conjures these inner feelings in your heart but the idea of what you associate Christmas to mean. e.g. LOVE, WARMTH, t e n d e r n e s s, kindness, appreciation, L A U G H T E R, goodness, pleasant thoughts, magical momentsCHEER, good will toward others. 

So I ask of you this:

“What if every day…”

…you woke up, feeling excited about the promise of what today would bring

…you looked forward to seeing family and spending time having fun, laughing, sharing, allowing the day to simply be

what was important was the idea of giving kindness to others

…you wanted to make the most of every moment

…you gave others gifts…sometimes store bought, mostly gifts from your heart

you made an extra effort to be on good behavior

…you loved…simply because you could

What if every day were like today…like you decided it needed to be?

Merry Christmas Everyone!

…and special blessings for every day of you life.

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During December, as the people of the world celebrate their culture’s holidays, I am reminded of the beauty that we strive to create:  candles lit on menorahs, wreaths to decorate our front doors, lights that create amazing brightness, ornaments and objects shimmering, sparkling, bright colors that are seen everywhere, and delicious foods that we indulge in and enjoy. 

What are you celebrating?   

Take a moment to answer this.  Whatever first pops into your mind is usually your higher self speaking. 

Photographer: Chloe Whitehorn 'Christmas Stills'

Sometime the answers are: LOVE, PEACE, gathering with family and friends, or perhaps you are celebrating a new chapter in your life.

But… ARE you celebrating?

In 2010, consider all of your joyful moments, endeavors, amazement, hardships, peace, and moments of pure exhilation.  What about your life can you celebrate? 

Are you healthy? employed? in a loving relationship? embracing singlehood or the ending of a less healthy relationship?  Are you generally happy?  Have you learned things?  Are you loved?  Are you proud of your children?  Are you grateful?  Do you have a bed to sleep in at night? 

How might you celebrate your life; YOU; or the possibility of what is next? 

How can you celebrate these things…today, tomorrow, and each day of your life?

The message of celebration is to embrace it.


I hope that you choose to celebrate your lifeand celebrate often!

Blessings to all!



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A Gift of Helping…

If you remember back to a recent post this month… I talk about the idea of 

B A L A N C E. 

Here is an element of how to create true balance in your life…now and always:

Do you wonder if it is when you reach out toward others that you somehow feel supported, cherished, loved?  Is it because of the inspiration that comes from helping others, or is it of knowing that you can help?

Much of the time we do not realize the value of being able to help.  The need to connect with others to share of ourselves with them in part teaches us the nature of freedom in our own life and in our ability to become true servants of god.

When you make the decision to be of help you are saying that you realize the potential of your nature – you realize the freedom of your life to take on new opportunities and challenges… to seek out beauty for your life. 

When you realize the incredible power in helping others: heal, learn, know…it is like you are saying that you know – that you have the ability to do something well, to share, to help…and it is in sharing this knowledge outwards that you realize the true nature of what is possible.

This is the true meaning of love – to create joy for others through helping, sharing, being kind and gracious.  This is how we will all learn and grow. 

Blessings for this time of year and always,


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December is a beautiful month for many reasons.  One of which is to embrace the notion of BALANCE.  You see, while the focus for some may be on shopping, overindulging, lack of self-care….the real beauty of December is in the balance.


Sanskrit 'Balance'

This year, why not embrace the magic and beauty of this month…and of this time of year…with an inner reflection considering all that you have accomplished (and perhaps a way to better track your accomplishments for the upcoming year!), all that you are truly grateful for…and of what you will plan and look towards.  Planning right now rather than sometime next month will allow you the freedom to reflect over the year and what you know…what you want to do different, and yes – how you want to improve upon your self.

So you see December is truly a time to create balance: to bring into your daily routine what is comforting, enjoyable, soothing, with a balance of commitment, work, and discipline. 

Consider how elements of balance that you create right now can be easily adopted into your life.  Consider how BALANCE during the this month of December can help you enjoy it all the more…and to be truly giving of your inner self.

Live in the balance….

                                      Greetings for a wonderful December everyone!

                                                                                                                   – Love Dorothy

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Communicate your TRUTH

Reflections of November

Reflections of NovemberNature always fascinates me.  The incredible LIFE that is always present all around us: animals, plants, the sky, water  – all of it moving, growing, evolving even if we don’t bother to pay attention. 

Nature is perfect in it’s ability to communicate with us.  All we need to do is stop and listen  – look, feel, and notice.
In your life, where are there places in which you might communicate more clearly, better, more direct, kinder?  In what places of your life does your communicate need to be more …  honest … direct … forward … revealing … truthful?
I am always in awe of the power of communication.  When we speak outwardly the inner thoughts that keep us locked in assumptions, wrongful perceptions, anger, jealousy, anxiety and hate …. something even greater happens…. we reveal our TRUTH and in doing so we learn about the other person’s TRUTH.
By speaking aloud our perceptions, preconceived notions, viewpoint, ideas…. we have now created another method – another level of communication.  As long as we are honest in our projection of information, we no longer have a wall between friends (or strangers), we no longer feel misunderstood – or misunderstand. 
We now have a deeper means of understanding, realization, knowledge – TRUTH.
Try it for yourself… up and share what you’ve been keeping hidden deep inside yourself.  Share and reveal your truth and ask others of the same.  See how powerful those gestures are and what you learn and discover in the process. 
And do look around…..the beauty of how nature communicates is breathtaking.
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Intention is everything.

You can say that you want to do something, to try and change something, to begin something…but what do your intentions really say? 

Your intentions describe your actions … you are intending what you want through those actions (or at time lack thereof). 

Your intentions drive your actions and behavior.  When your intentions are strong and consistent, true actions, consistent actions follow.

Intentions that support honest action are those that are important to you – that are significant and reaffirming.  They come out of your desire, your need for change; to create something more; to establish yourself as a kind, noteworthy human being.

Rather than simply desire, hope, dream, idealize – use intention to demonstrate the significance of your actions to yourself – largely as a result of the emotional display of need; the depth of true desire; the courage to move ahead, creating what your intentions claim to be.  This is the true third Universal Law:  The Law of Deliberate Intention – the IDEA that you truly create (at the speed of light) that which you not only think about but place deliberate intention – emotion – behind.

INTENTION and the Third Universal Law are discussed in more depth in my new book: UNIVERSAL WISDOM ….due out in 2011.  I share here some precise defined measures of what it means to have INTENTION.

The Universal Law of Deliberate Creation is explained as: ‘that which you give purposeful, intentional thought to, you bring to you.’ It is about having the expectation that what you think about will be, coupled with the belief that it will be as you think it, and the allowing of this to occur, will bring it to you. I like to think of it as creating what you most want and then having the absolute faith and trust in it being so.

 The law of deliberate creation is further explained by the notion that what you give thought to you begin to attract. Once you propel it powerfully with emotion, then if you simply expect that which you have thought about, you receive it.

Thought –> expectancy –-> belief. Now you are in the perfect position to receive the subject of your thought.

 A simple way of stating this is “What we believe we create.”


Try it….

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