Tuesday, September 7th, 2010...11:41 am


In September we come back to our “home” – our place of knowing from where we came and to where we are going.  We look for all the familiar in our lives in hopes of creating something new and different beyond that familiar.  We look ahead to the idea of what is possible, what can happen, what can become when we are focused, driven, determined in our lives. 

And what if September was a time to return to what we already knew…what was in our hearts as truth; what we heard as faint whispers on matters such as kindness, faith, love, and forgiveness?  Would these things gently direct our lives in ways that we could not otherwise?  Would we have forgotten where our goals lie and instead take a deeper look within to find the answers we have been searching for?  The truth of our own wisdom that lies within us…


Go within this month….see what follows your true aspirations….your true knowledge of what you really seek.


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