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The Truth About 'Self'

Date: Fall 2010

The truth is, many of us avoid looking at our 'self'. We often blame others for what goes wrong in our life and what happens to us without examining the possibility that our lives are directly created by what we think, feel, and do.

The idea of conscious thought comes out Cognitive Therapy - the most widely researched and practiced model of Psychotherapy in the world today. Initially developed in the 1950s by Dr. Aaron T. Beck as a (successful) treatment for depression...

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Your Authentic Self

Date: January/February 2009

Beyond describing what it is that we do for a living, our preference of music genre, or our favourite ice-cream flavour, how well do we really know our self? Much of our adolescence is spent contemplating who we would like to be (or self-loathing who we think we are) in comparison to peer groups and current media influences. As we enter adulthood and strive to be autonomous, self-knowledge is somehow less important than the perception others have of us. We decide on a vocation, a life partner, and all of the other tangible items (e.g., job status, accumulation of material goods, even our decision to have children) that fulfill society's requirement for living a meaningful existence - all without placing value on knowing our self.

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