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Fall 2006

There is an overnight field trip with my music class that I would like to attend, except the teacher who is supervising us freaks me out. He tries to get really chummy with all the girls and it makes me uncomfortable. I want to go on the trip for the experience, but with him on the trip I know that I will always be on guard. What should I do?

It would be great if another parent could come along as a chaperone. At least another adult around would allow you to feel more comfortable. You may want to speak to some of the other people in the class about this. If no parents are able to join the group, I would suggest speaking to your guidance counsellor or another teacher and asking them to help. I realize that this option involves putting yourself "out there", but there's a good chance that his behaviour will continue (not just with your class but with others) if it carries on unreported. I hope that you don't choose to miss out on this experience just because of your teacher. Speak with some of the other girls that have also noticed your teacher's odd "chummy" behaviour. Together you can create a plan, support each other, and focus on the great experiences that await you.

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Summer 2006

All my friends have had sex yet except for me. I just feel left out when they talk about it all the time. Sometimes I feel like I should sleep with he next guy I meet just to feel equal to my friends. Is this normal? When will my time come?

It's completely normal to feel left out when most everyone around you is having sex.....and talking about it. Having sex out of a need to belong rather than staying true to what is right for you won't make you feel good about yourself. Decide what your personal beliefs are around sex and don't settle for anything less. Choose the right time when you feel ready rather than be pressured into making the wrong decision.

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Spring 2006

My best friend is totally in love with Jake Gyllenhaal. I mean I think she's gone off the deep end. His name is all over her stuff, when we go out and she sees other guys she's like, "There's no way he'd be better than Jake," so she doesn't give them a chance. She says the only guy she'll date is Jake, and that she's "saving" herself for him. I think she means it! Should I be worried about her?

The answer is no, not to worry. This too will pass.

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Winter 2005

My girlfriend and I broke up but we want to continue being friends. I've never seen these things work out before. Is there any way we could make this work?

Time and a bit of geographical space after a break up helps immensely. If the two of you were friends before being in a relationship, there is a greater chance of reclaiming your friendship after the breakup. This is because you would have a foundation for that friendship already...

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