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Meditation is the experience of attentional focus; of stilling the mind and existing in the infinite space that exists beyond your thoughts.

Meditation quiets the mind and allows you to experience the gentle nature of your inner being - your soul consciousness. By holding your attention on a single point of reflection, your mind becomes still and you are free to experience what is. In this inner stillness is an opening. It is an opening that connects you to an infinite and vast 'emptiness' of space untouched by thoughts. As a practice, meditation has been used for thousands of years to transcend our thoughts and to reach a state of inner calm (also referred to as nirvana).

Meditation practice is a mainstay of your inner work. It is the portal for experiencing yourself as love and for experiencing the inner peace that already is within you. Meditation also reveals the simple awareness that you are not your mind; rather your true being is calmness, compassion, and understanding; all of the virtuous ideals that you may be striving to attain in your everyday waking moments. Existing in the inner calm of your meditation practice (even if it is only for brief moments at a time), allows you to experience a heightened state of awareness; you become far more attuned to your inner state of being (your own thoughts and feelings), and a sense of inner calm. Regular meditation notably shifts your outward perspective on life, as well as how you view yourself and your place in the world, and a genuine desire for realizing self-actualization and inner peace.

Meditation awakens us to know and realize our true spiritual nature here and now. It helps us re-establish our true spiritual identify as a part of the oneness of universal consciousness that exists everywhere. Through meditation we realize that we are really not our physical body, nor our mind, nor intellect, ego or senses. At our purest self, we are the infinite awareness (the universal consciousness) that is at once everywhere and within all things. Meditation reminds us to bring our infinite nature into our daily life and to be infinite in love and kindness. We discover that heaven exists within us and not a place we go upon death. When we experience our true Self in our natural blissful state, we are experiencing heaven (on earth). The practice of meditation shows us that our true nature is love; and being love. Meditation reminds us of the infinite path of our heart.

Meditation becomes your sanctuary - your refuge. It opens you to a new state of calm and unleashes your potential to direct your mind; your thoughts; your aspirations to everything.

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