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There are important reasons for knowing how to generate love from within.

When you learn the process for loving SELF, you no longer require or depend on others to love you. (It is wonderful that you feel loved by others, but you no longer live in search of someone to love you). You also learn that love originates from within - that you have the capability of feeling loved simply by feeling love as it already exists within you.

When we know by our personal experience - that we can be loving - that we can be love - we are moved to share love easily.

Using the analogy of an apple tree; it simply knows how to bear fruit. It readily produces ripe apples as a function of its ability to do so. (Yes, the apple tree requires the right conditions of sunlight, soil and the concept of clock time in order for fruit to grow and ripen.)

The same may be said about L O V E.

We have the innate ability to create love from within our hearts (our heart region is the location we feel our experiences of love originate - manifest - before we experience the various sensations we associate with LOVE throughout our entire body). As human beings, love as a feeling - an emotional reaction - is created.

It begins with a thought (conscious or unconscious) - or image - (sometimes recalling a memory is a visual path to creating love in this present moment). To create LOVE (and to be love), we intentionally conjure up loving feelings that easily - instinctively -flow out of us. As beings of energy, love is the energetic quality resulting from specific and precise neurons elicited by the chemical reactions of waves of (thought) energy.

Love is both a human experience and an experience of energy simultaneously.

There are specific and deliberate techniques that I teach clients for opening their heart chakra, for energetically growing - manifesting - the quality of love from within. This reveals a tangible sense of how love originates from us - whether through our conscious, intentional creation of it, or simply our awareness that it is there - and to focus attention on it, giving it expression - life.

If we were to study the ancient energy systems of the human body discovered some 5000 years ago, we would see that our heart centre - our heart chakra - does what it is purposefully designed to do; express the quality of love that we feel physically in our body. To activate the energy of our heart chakra is a subtle and original way to feel the quality of love within us. This can be done using visual techniques; or through thought intention.

LOVE is our inherent nature.

To live as a human being in this physical world simply means that we have the graceful gift of experiencing and expressing love in a physical way: spoken words, touch, gestures of kind action, and outward demonstrations.

To know that you are capable of being LOVE, of evoking it from within you means that you can consciously and freely give it.

Knowing your capacity for being love helps change the way you might look at your relationships (perhaps no longer demanding or expecting to receive love, but being responsible for giving it). Trust that whenever you are loving in thought and action it automatically comes back to you - either in reciprocation immediately, or in later moments.

Love as energy grows, expands contagiously. It is infinite and it is endless in its capabilities.

If you should decide that one of your new objectives is to give love freely, to be more intentional in your practice of being love, notice what magical, miraculous moments you begin to create (in your own life, but also in your relationships with others). Begin to live your life with the daily intentions of being loving and of feeling love grow first within you.

Love is: the most powerful thing.


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