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Since February has long been associated with love and the idea of being 'in' love, there may be no better time than to discuss the idea of 'BEING' love. When you are love, it is easy for others to love you, to see how others' gravitate toward you, and how you feel whole simply by your ability to love who you already are.

Something I chose some time ago was to consciously be love in all moments of life. I do not profess to be perfect at it, but having this as my daily mantra (my way of being in the world) has helped me to approach many situations with grace... and of course loving kindness.

Being love reinforces the beauty of enriching relationships and seeing the powerful potential for healing. My observations of being love has reinforced my faith in humanity since I see so many examples of how love is our 'default' - our natural - state of being.

February 22nd: Nurturing Ourselves

It is through nurturing ourselves - in being love directed inward that we feel comforted and supported in any moment. Feeling comforted by our own actions in the most difficult of moments acknowledges our ability to care for and love the self. Namaste everyone!

February 23rd: Love is Infinite

Being Love implies an infinite element. It's as if there is nothing that came before and nothing that follows. When you are being love this is all there is. Love's pureness, grace, immediate wisdom.... all of these things fill your heart as you exude loving kindness to yourself or others.

Here's an important thought on today's message of being love:

Before speaking, texting, calling, or emailing someone you want to be loving toward, imagine and feel love in your heart centre. Feel it as you breathe deeply, see it as a beautiful colour; feel it's loving energy fill you first. This is how we live as love. Fill the loving energy of your heart centre expand. Feel your chest expand outward as the energy of love grows within your heart. Now release this beautiful love energy with its perfect colour, allowing it to move through your entire body. This is a simple way to bring the idea of love into you - to allow love to originate within you first. Then as you spend a few moments cultivating this perfect feeling of love from within, you are ready. You are ready to share love with others in any deliberate action and to simply dwell in the loving energy you are. This is you being love.

February 24th: Showing Love

What actions & gestures, words (spoken and written), gifts of kindness and care that you have received letting you know that you are loved?

How is thoughtfulness a distinct reminder that we are loved?

Can we receive loving action from a stranger and when it happens, do you recognize it (inwardly and outwardly) with thanks?

How do you reciprocate acts of love?

Here's an important EXERCISE on today's message of Being Love:

Think of a childhood memory or one from your recent past. In what way did someone show you love? WHAT did you feel in receiving their kindness, thoughtful intention, or caring gesture?

How does it help to know the many ways each day others show you loving action?

February 25th: Be Love

What are you waiting for? BE LOVE!

Consider any of the messages from this month's series on BEING LOVE and of any steps you have already practised toward the idea of being love as a way of living life.

While we are always practising our God-given ability to be loving in all moments, let today be a day for showcasing your talent. Consciously choose ten actions which demonstrate your ability to be love in the world (to yourself and/or with others). Note each time you did so, either mentally or in your journal.

Tonight reflect on your ten deliberate actions of love. (Remember that no action is too small!) Did you have a favourite ACTION OF LOVE? Which acts of loving kindness felt easiest and why? Realizing that BEING LOVE can become a way of life happens when we see that we can choose LOVE with ease.

Choose acts of LOVE today without expecting anything in return. Notice how your ten acts of loving kindness have a ripple effect that make their way back to your heart with Divine perfection.

February 26th: Your Legacy

Consider this perspective.... If you were to be remembered by your loved ones, how would they describe the WAYS IN WHICH YOU WERE LOVING? What would they say was your 'BEING LOVE trademark' - the way you expressed yourself as LOVE to them?

When we look ahead to a goal or ideal it allows us the luxury of determining NOW, who and how we will be. Too often we hear people talk about loved ones, describing how they had changed only in the later years of their life (that they were kinder, more patient, loving, accepting, etc). When you decide NOW how you will be known (and remembered) for your acts of love, you can begin now toward the greatness you will become.

Decide your legacy for being a LOVING BEING now. Then simply follow the steps you have already paved for yourself.