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Since February has long been associated with love and the idea of being 'in' love, there may be no better time than to discuss the idea of 'BEING' love. When you are love, it is easy for others to love you, to see how others' gravitate toward you, and how you feel whole simply by your ability to love who you already are.

Something I chose some time ago was to consciously be love in all moments of life. I do not profess to be perfect at it, but having this as my daily mantra (my way of being in the world) has helped me to approach many situations with grace... and of course loving kindness.

Being love reinforces the beauty of enriching relationships and seeing the powerful potential for healing. My observations of being love has reinforced my faith in humanity since I see so many examples of how love is our 'default' - our natural - state of being.

February 15th: Deserving Love

I was recently reminded of a Buddha quote:

You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere."

The idea of caring for our needs, of being kind and self-loving is not novel; but most of us still struggle with this idea in practice.

Something I remind others often....whenever you are taking care of your needs; following a path that is right for you at any given time; and honouring the highest version of your SELF, you can never harm another. Others may not always agree with or understand why you need to do what you have chosen, but they can never be harmed by your desire to fulfil your heart's calling.

Try this now, and for the remainder of your weekend. Honour the fact that you are deserving of love by being kinder, gentler, loving to yourself. Consider "asking" yourself what you need in this moment, and then following the intuitive answer you are given. This is how you begin to feel deserving..... by acting as though you already are. Namaste!

February 16th: Be Generous with Your Love

By showing others you care for them by being generous with your affection, thoughtfulness and love, you demonstrate to a listening universe that you are prepared to invite more love into your life. The Universal Law Of Attraction is at work here, revealing more opportunities and situations in which others show and demonstrate care, kindness and LOVE to you in perfect ways, the more you continue to simply be love.

These are two of MY FAVOURITE WORDS:

"Aham Prema" are the Sanskrit words for "I am Divine Love."

February 17th: Gifts of Love

What intangible gifts of love can I give others? e.g. Acceptance, tolerance, understanding, forgiveness

Can I honour others for what they are teaching me (directly and often indirectly as they may "mirror" for me what I need to look at within myself).

Consider that BEING LOVE is a gift. Honour your ability to give LOVE generously and often. Consider what gifts of love you will give today and to whom. Pay attention to how your gifts are always perfect in their divine timing when you give unconditionally.

February 18th: Reflection

It's important to reflect on the ways you act with love. Consider how your deliberate actions of love impact others (as well as how acts of self-love help you to feel inspired and empowered).

Honour the ways in which you have consciously acted in love whether during today or at any time.

At the end of today (and each day), reflect back over the day's events, how you chose to be loving, and perhaps also in what ways did you miss an opportunity to be love? Being mindful of your actions helps when you are faced with situations where 'being love' may not be so easy.

Consider how you can be love in spite of the challenges you feel. Consider how being love is actually easier than withholding love.

February 19th: Feeling Love

In today's message in this Month's series on 'BEING LOVE', ask yourself: What do I feel when I am being love? Think of a recent moment when your actions and words were loving in nature. As you replay this moment, allow yourself to FEEL the emotions associated with those actions.

What are the inner sensations and feelings associated with your actions of love? Find the words that best describe YOUR EXPERIENCE of being love.

It's important to pay attention, 'sitting with' the felt sensations of your experience of as love. Allow yourself to experience the physical effects of yourself as love in action. Notice the uplifting feeling that stays with you long after your loving action is complete. Feel the energy vibration in your body as you reflect on your loving actions. What does it feel like? Where in your body do you feel this experience of energy?

Noting the direct result of our loving actions reminds us of the power of choosing love as a way of being. It reminds us that we have this infinite power to feel: good, powerful, lightness, love, and generous, and kind among other positive sensations.

This is how we remind ourselves that love is the most powerful energy of the universe. Namaste everyone!

February 20th: The Power of Being Love

An excerpt from a new workshop of the same title...

"Being Love is both a deliberate action and a state of mind - a conscious decision to act and live in ways that model love in the world and in your life. We have evolved as humans to a place of conscious transformation where living as love is no longer a lofty ideal but a certainty we can all work toward. Acts of our love already show us the power of being love. If we ever needed a reminder all we have to do is remember how our loving words and actions touch the hearts and minds of others so deeply."

- Dorothy Ratusny