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Since February has long been associated with love and the idea of being 'in' love, there may be no better time than to discuss the idea of 'BEING' love. When you are love, it is easy for others to love you, to see how others' gravitate toward you, and how you feel whole simply by your ability to love who you already are.

Something I chose some time ago was to consciously be love in all moments of life. I do not profess to be perfect at it, but having this as my daily mantra (my way of being in the world) has helped me to approach many situations with grace... and of course loving kindness.

Being love reinforces the beauty of enriching relationships and seeing the powerful potential for healing. My observations of being love has reinforced my faith in humanity since I see so many examples of how love is our 'default' - our natural - state of being.

February 8th: Brainstorm Ways to Love

You don't need to pull out all the stops in your quest to love BIG only on February 14th! BE LOVE every day of your life!

I saw this wall hanging (Click for the image) yesterday quite by chance as I was picking up a gift for someone and had only a brief window of time away from the office. As the perfection of the universe would have it, I spotted this 'sign' and before I knew it, I had left the store with it in tow. It becomes today's inspiration for BEING LOVE, and I hope that it will inspire you to make your own list of simple, yet practical and fun ....ways TO (BE) LOVE.

Today I encourage you to be your own inspiration; make a list, BRAINSTORMING the ways you can be LOVE. Begin living from your list beginning NOW.

Let your WAYS TO LOVE idea list become an extension of how you live each day of your life. Namaste everyone!

February 9th: Reflection

Whether today or at any time, reflect on your ability to BE LOVE. Over the past week (or even in the last 24 hours), were there any missed opportunities; or ways in which you could have practised being love?

How would you replay those moments BEING LOVE instead?

Time for some reflection and to consider how you might seize even the smallest moments to BE LOVE. Namaste everyone!

February 10th: New Behaviours

Today's message aligns itself with the NEW moon this morning at 2:12AM and the Chinese NEW year. Somehow I think we`re all glad to have NEW show up again ...perhaps giving us that fresh NEW opportunity to do what we have been putting off, avoiding, procrastinating, etc.

Today`s message of BEING LOVE is to practice NEW BEHAVIOURS. What NEW ways can you BE LOVING to others?

What NEW ways can you BE LOVE towards yourself? Think outside the box.... What challenges and struggles are you facing that feel impossible ? What do YOU NEED that ONLY YOU ....BEING SELF-LOVING can offer? (That`s your homework everyone!! Come up with ONE THING!) Namaste!

February 11th: Freedom

The best LOVE relationships are built on mutual respect, monogamy, honesty, and forgiveness. The essential element of LOVE is freedom: freedom to allow your partner to grow, change, and work through the life lessons that are being presented to them.

Love is allowing your partner the freedom to become all that they can be; and the freedom to also choose differently than you. When we are in a love relationship, we might assume that all of our beliefs, opinions, even goals need to be congruent and shared. Unconditional love means that you honour and accept the ways in which your partner is different from you. You love the fundamental and most important aspects of who they are: honest, trustworthy, loyal, kind, conscientious, caring, etc.

Love as freedom is expressed most tenderly in always encouraging the other to grow, develop, transform to their highest potential; while allowing them to do so at their pace. (YOU, by the way are focusing on YOUR ability to be your highest potential).

February 12th: Self Acceptance

It's difficult to BE LOVE if we can't accept ourselves as we are and be at peace. Acceptance doesn't mean we are giving up any personal growth or progress. It allows for exactly the opposite. Acceptance gives us a supportive place to be while we work on any desired changes, and certainly as we see ourselves 'as we are'. When you are accepting, you can view yourself with compassion and unconditional love which enables you to embrace both the possibility and reality of change.

It's also in unconditionally accepting where you are on your path at this moment that you can start to accept others unconditionally too - supporting their growth, learning, and personal journey.

Consider BEING LOVE as being accepting of yourself first. How might you practice self-acceptance of who you are right now?

February 13th: Patience

Today's message is on the subject of PATIENCE. Patience in others, and in yourself is how you express LOVE in the world. BE LOVE in acts of patience today and see what miracles come to you from this.

When St. Paul learned that the Christian community he had established in Corinth (a seaport in Greece) had become divided, as members began identifying themselves with different religious leaders, he wrote this letter, written in about 56 AD, opening with a plea for Christian unity, and is written in response to various issues raised by the Corinthians. Paul's first letter to the Corinthians provides us with the best insight into the church life of an early Christian community in the middle of the first century AD.

Love is patient,
love is kind;
love is not jealous or boastful;
it is not arrogant or rude.
Love does not insist on its own way;
it is not irritable or resentful;
it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right.
Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
Love never ends.

First Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians 13:4-8

February 14th: Romantic Love

Romantic LOVE is playful and fun. It engages our senses, our desire for intimacy, pleasure, connection and sensuality.

The idea of romantic love reminds us of one of the greatest gifts we have been given....the ability to love one person so intimately a life partner and soul mate.

Should we be so fortunate to feel a deep and unconditional love for our partner, perhaps VALENTINE'S DAY gently urges us to take notice.... to be romantic in our display of love and affection, reminding us of the incredible gift we have in being "in relationship" with a true partner - someone we choose to share our life with (and not out of convenience, nor fear of being alone, nor fear of how our life'style' might be different if we were to be on our own).

If you are not currently in a love relationship, please CELEBRATE the romance of your HEART. Allow your heart to be open, loving toward yourself first....and then in ways that allow you to share acts of LOVE with others that originate from your heart expressing itself AS LOVE.

ROMANTIC LOVE is tender, imaginative, generous, and kind. It can overwhelm us stirring powerful emotions of JOY, compassion, and a loyalty of LOVE that bonds us so beautifully with another.

Let your ability to be ROMANTIC in LOVE continue far beyond today. Let your ROMANTIC LOVE infuse the way you experience yourself in life, in allowing your heart to open wide to all of the possibilities of ROMANCE, and to feel inspired to act from your heart in romantic ways, spontaneously and often.