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Since February has long been associated with love and the idea of being 'in' love, there may be no better time than to discuss the idea of 'BEING' love. When you are love, it is easy for others to love you, to see how others' gravitate toward you, and how you feel whole simply by your ability to love who you already are.

Something I chose some time ago was to consciously be love in all moments of life. I do not profess to be perfect at it, but having this as my daily mantra (my way of being in the world) has helped me to approach many situations with grace... and of course loving kindness.

Being love reinforces the beauty of enriching relationships and seeing the powerful potential for healing. My observations of being love has reinforced my faith in humanity since I see so many examples of how love is our 'default' - our natural - state of being.

February 1st: LOVE Because You Can

We have an incredible capacity to LOVE. Some of us will never open our hearts to the extent that will let us feel love so deeply. When you say the words, "I love you" feel with your heart their meaning. Let yourself be moved so deeply by the power of the experience of love.

February 2nd: Be Love in Action

Being LOVE is an action of grace. It is using your words to UPLIFT others 'just because'. It doesn't matter if its your best friend or a complete stranger - when you are BEING LOVE you share your loving nature in the form of LOVING KINDNESS. One of the most powerful ways to do this is through your spoken word. Speak uplifting positive words to BE LOVE IN ACTION. Namaste everyone!

February 3rd: Natural State of Love

Surrender to your NATURAL state OF LOVE, releasing and forgiving all past hurts, resentments, attachments. This requires that you OPEN YOUR HEART to BEING LOVE once again.

Many of us cannot BE LOVE at times because we block our love with thoughts reminding us of how others have hurt, offended, or 'wronged' us.

There may be unhealthy, even damaging behaviours that others have done causing you hurt and harm. Even while you have chosen to distance or discontinue the relationship, honour the human being and honour yourself by releasing the hurt that you feel. In its place, HOLD LOVE and positive energy. HOLDING LOVE - surrounding yourself with this positive energy - is far more powerful than holding onto the negativity associated with past situations.

Surrender and release the hurts you still carry in order to BE and experience LOVE at its fullest.

February 4th: Being Love is an Action

... and a series of actions tht you are conscious of. CHOOSE the ways you can be LOVE IN ACTION today. How CAN you be LOVE (...LOVING) and all that goes with it (e.g. gentle, kind, thoughtful, patient, tender, honest, friendly, helpful etc, etc, etc) to EVERY PERSON that crosses your path...

BEING LOVE in ACTION challenges us to honour our fellow 'human being' even though they may not always be able to return love. The challenge in BEING LOVE is about NOT REQUIRING or DEMANDING others to behave a certain way.

BE LOVE without any expectations or requirements of others.

BEING LOVE is not dependent on how others respond in return ...although when you ARE LOVE IN ACTION ... you cannot help but positively affect everyone in your path. Namaste everyone!

February 5th: Opening Your Heart

We hear others speak about having 'an open heart', but what does that really mean? How can we do so deliberately?

Here's an EXPERIENTIAL technique that is powerful yet relatively simple! As you practice it at different times throughout the day, pay attention to the gentle feelings you experience and to any shifts in the flow of your body's energy. TRUST that if your intention is to open your heart- you WILL DO SO.

The "mechanics" of opening your heart is to breathe bringing attention and breath to your heart centre. Feel your breath filling your lunges, expanding your chest, and at the same time, see, feel, and experience your heart centre as it fills with the beautiful life force energy that you give it. This awareness to your heart centre and its 'opening', expansive (and lightness) is how you consciously OPEN to the life force ENERGY that is already flowing through you. Your conscious awareness of this energy (as breath) filling and expanding your heart centre is the gentle yet powerful reminder of how you OPEN your HEART to the loving energy that naturally exists there.

OPENING YOUR HEART in this way allows you to build awareness of the energy of your heart centre.

Practice opening your heart by thinking of someone you love. Begin to sense the expression of OPENNESS, expansiveness and lightness (among other sensations) as the sensory neurons of your heart express the energy of LOVE.

Let yourself use the power of your breath and choose to OPEN your heart any time you want to express yourself as a BEING of LOVE. Namaste everyone!!

February 6th: A Reminder to Be Love Even When....

It's easier to be loving when others are LOVING FIRST, or when there is certainty of your love being reciprocated. It challenges us to go deeper - to be unconditional in being love - when others are not loving in return; or when we attempt to BE LOVE in place of conflict, and the need to hurt back if we feel hurt.

BE LOVE in the more difficult moments; when your instinct may be to engage in defensiveness, with hostility, or even anger.

Instead...BE LOVE by smiling, saying nothing, pausing to reflect and then uttering a word of kindness or a universal gesture of compassion: e.g. "I'M SORRY" (EVEN IF YOU DID NOTHING WRONG) :)

This is you BEING LOVE in those tougher moments; the moments that usually end up becoming moments of reconcilation, understanding, and peace.

Namaste everyone!

February 7th: Self-Love

Practically speaking, SELF-LOVE behaviours aren't always obvious.

When I discuss the idea of self-love with clients, it involves a discussion on the tangible ways to express self-care, honouring one's beliefs and needs, being kind in our inner dialogue and caring for one's self in ways that support and improve our physical health, and our mental, emotional (and spiritual) well-being.

What are the practical ways you can BE SELF-LOVING? What thoughts and actions depict your kindness, care, and gentle compassion toward yourself?

The need for SELF-LOVE is necessary for survival - but certainly important if you want to thrive in life. In fact, the degree to which you honour and care for yourself is a powerful illustration of your self-esteem. BEING SELF-LOVING is the path to improving your thoughts and feelings about who you are - and your feelings of self worth.

Self-esteem and the positive feelings that come with feeling worthy and lovable are always requiring attention and effort. Just like a plant that requires sunlight, food (fertilizer) and water to sustain itself and grow - your evolving self-esteem is an ongoing measure of the amount of LOVE and care you direct within.

Be honest about the way you think and feel about yourself. If there is room to feel a deeper level of - contentment, self-pride, inner peace or confidence, remember that it begins with BEING LOVING to yourself first. Namaste everyone!