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For each day of this month, I offer a single word - to contemplate, consider, and hopefully be inspired by. Look for the beauty and magic in each day of your life rather then focus attention on a single customary day or series of days that may happen but once a year. Consider how you will celebrate more single moments now.

Open yourself to experiencing life as an limitless series of precious moments. Namaste!

December 21st: COMPASSION

Compassion reminds us of our remarkable nature to love deeply. When we are compassionate with others, we can feel warmth and kindness for them and also of them. We are open to seeing them as divine beings of god and through compassion we honour the divine in them.

Over the holidays and as you spend extended time with family and friends, draw on your compassionate nature - your heart open - to enjoy others. Rather than 'react' to another in judgment, or our of frustration, consider how you can simply be compassion. Compassion overrides our need to lash out, be hurtful, criticize, or condemn. If you aim to live from a place of compassion first you begin to see the inner beauty in another; it becomes easier to accept others as they are. The first rule of overcoming any strained or hurting situation with a loved one is to offer compassion (often shown as: kindness, forgiveness, gentle response, love, and understanding).

Compassion is often experienced as loving energy emanating from us. It remains a conscious choice; a willingness to first allow someone to be who they are and to honour the good we know is in them. Goodness is not always what others are able to show us. Goodness is not always what we reveal first. Offering compassion to our self and others reminds us that our path to a joyful celebration with family and friends involves extending compassion first; living in the peaceful nature of who we truly are.

December 22nd: JOY

We experience JOY through our heart's dance of happiness; through our free expression of choice. Joy IS our natural state of being when sharing our authentic self.

When you experience moments of JOY is it because you have created them? Brought joy to life? ....Made joy possible for someone else?

Have you felt joyful today?

What would allow you to feel joy right now? *Hint: joy isn't always felt as a huge elaborate experience but simply an opening: of love, lightness, ....a moment of peace-filled inner happiness.

December 23rd: FAMILY

Throughout December, we celebrate in many cultures the traditions of our religious faiths. This is one of the major occasions that we gather together so readily with family and friends. Surrounded by the customary ways of our family culture, we come together and experience what it means to be a part of something greater than our self. Being with our family hopefully reminds us of how we are loved and how it feels to be a part of a greater whole.

Consider expanding your idea of family to include your friends and social circles. How is the meaning of 'family' now different? Suppose you included all of your neighbours and all the acquaintances you know? Then add each familiar face you see each day as you go to the grocery store, drop your kids off at school, pump gas, or see on your compute to and from work. Add these people to your circle of 'family' and consider what the meaning of the word now is for you.

The universal idea of family is the idea that we are all connected to one another; that we all are part of the greater whole.

The Universal Law of Vibration helps us understand our universal connection:

'This Universal Law states that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates - everything is vibrating at one speed or another. Nothing rests. Everything you see around you is vibrating at one frequency or another and so are you. However your frequency is different from other things in the universe - hence it seems like you are separated from what you see around you - people, animals, plants, trees and so on. BUT you are not separated - you are in fact living in an ocean of energy - we all are. We are all connected to one other as energy since we are all energy.'

Wherever you are for the holidays, consider that your family of origin is but one of a smaller entity of "Universal Family" that you belong to. The idea of family implies that we are all connected; we share the main commonality that we are all beings of energy.

Consider how you might expand your notion of the word F A M I L Y to include everyone on the entire planet. How might your new approach to the idea of 'family' change how you think and react to everyone that crosses your path?

December 24th: PEACE

Peace is the inner calm that you already are at your core. It is the perfection of your inner being shared outwardly.

We feel 'peace-full' whenever we take those few deep breaths, sitting still before moving into action. Being in stillness allows our mind to calm, and gives us a moment to feel the inner peace alive within us.

Peace is our natural tendency. It is not something we must try and do. We simply are peaceful.

Acknowledge the ways you seek peace in your life. Do you smile and offer kindness; reply with, "I'm sorry" even if you believe you are not wrong? Do you ever make an effort to help calm someone with peacefulness when they are out of sorts? Have you ever made a peaceful gesture when someone has wronged you?

There are many ways you can practice living peace in everyday life. Choose to make peace your priority today and consider how this gesture moves you to right actions with family and loved ones.

Celebrate the world in peace. Celebrate peace in your life. Namaste!

December 25th: MIRACLES

Expect miracles..... today and every day.

Let your imagination dream infinite possibilities beginning with something you truly want! Imagine so perfectly what your inner ideal revealed outwardly would feel like - be like - in such deliberate and perfect ways.

A miracle is hope expressed openly for something wonderful; grand; magical; and perfect. Often we overlook the small miracles that we receive daily. We discount the possibility of bringing something larger - more incredible into our life because we do not hold belief.

Ask the universe for a miracle. Begin with a small miracle - something that you would deeply like and that is easily possible. Ask for it to come to you now and move toward it; make the space for it; make its arrival possible by expecting it is coming and seeking ways to make it happen.

Then do the same for the big ones! Merry Christmas everyone!

December 26th: RELAX

After all of the many days of December in which you may have been preoccupied with planning and preparation; of enjoying the company of others; and the gentle distractions of adding joy to the lives of others; let today be a day of recovery, relaxation, enjoyment, and perhaps even quiet should it be what feels right and perfect for you.

Relaxation reminds us of the gentle parts of life that are both important and needed in order for us to truly feel deserving of life's greatest gifts. In honour of life's perfect moments and the many blessings of this month, honour yourself today with a promise of relaxation and the gentle contemplation of what "new" and "special" blessings you will bring into your life in the upcoming year.

December 27th: DECISIONS

Today's blessing is about making the decisions that will set in motion countless possibilities. Honour the freedom of the choice that comes with deciding what you want most.

Sometimes we forget that we have been given the gift of 'free will'. When you make decisions on the course of your life, you set in motion the experiences and circumstances of those decisions.

As you contemplate the ending of another year and deciding all that you look forward to in the next one...consider what decisions will bring you closer to your goals, ideals, and the blessings of tomorrow.

December 28th: PROMISE

Promise is more than a commitment you hold. It is a way of living life. You hold promise when you choose to see the world with open though everything 'holds' promise, new opportunity - hope - and joy.

Promise is what you profess when you move yourself to action; often the change of what is to come - directed, driven by your true intentions, and with the desired need for more.

Promise is what we give one another as we hold respect for their lives close to our hearts....when we choose to stand by them - living in the perfect nature of who they are.

Promise yourself of something that you will hold to - commit to - that you believe in.

Promise yourself of the proactive change you seek and then hold to that promise so you achieve your you look ahead at all that you may be hopeful for in 2013.

December 29th: CHOICE

Choosing requires that we have made a decision; that we have carefully considered; arriving at what can be a confident certainty about something of value to us.

Choice what moves us toward action. Choice can hold us accountable to live authentically and with consciousness. Our choice dictates what action and with it, the ability to live as we have decided.

The ending of a calendar year symbolizes many opportunities for choice.... for choosing the moments of our life and for living according to our choices. Some of the hardest decisions come out of the choice to follow in a particular path. The freedom to choose comes with the responsibility of action. Choice without action, follow-through, discipline, - is simply an idea - a daydream that flutters in our waking moments but without what is needed to realize our choice.

Choice is all we have. In any situation, you are given the freedom to choose. You may have limited choices but you always have choice. The greatest gift you could remember as you move toward the beginning of this new year is the idea that choosing provides you with freedom, possibility, hope - and the belief that there is more to your life that you are in charge of than you might have otherwise imagined.

You don't have to wait until the new year begins to start living your choices. First, choose to honour yourself with the gift of time; to be alone to contemplate, consider, and then decide on some of the areas of your life that are not ideal. Choose the 'right' action, the 'right' change, the 'right' movement for yourself instead; together with the plan of action that will bring you toward 'ideal'. Choose how you will begin positive change; self-improvement, and feel the freedom that comes with living on purpose.

December 30th: COURAGE

Courage is important as life continues to move you - inspire you - call you to infinite grace and subtle change.

For what we may feel hopeful for, what we look forward to, what dreams and aspirations we imagine... let today be a day of inner strength and courage.

Be courageous in your choices (yesterday's blessing word) - for today, for tomorrow, and for what follows. Let your willingness for change - for promise of the future - and for all of the rest of your life be what exists through courage.

Hold true to the courage of your heart, to the freedom of your soul as inspiration - kindness - and joy. Use courage not only to plan the days and months of this coming new year but allow the courage of your heart to drive you forward to all of the wonderful blessings of life awaiting you.

December 31st: BLESSINGS

Blessings are DIVINE GIFTS. They are what remind us of the remarkable way we exist in the world and for one another.

What are some of the blessings of divine spirit that you have been 'gifted' with this past year? What blessings might you take for granted that you could acknowledge now with gratitude?

When we easily recognize life's blessings... appreciating the simplest gifts of the universe that we might otherwise overlook, we open ourselves to receiving more. As the nature of the Universal Law of Attraction suggests, "that which you give attention to increases". The more you look to the many blessings of life which you already receive and hold, the more that will continue to come to you.

On the eve of a brand new year, it is perhaps most fitting to reflect (even record) what have been some of your most profound blessings. (Profound blessings are not simply grand gifts in size or monetary value; rather they are blessings of life which have significance; or a profound meaning attached to them). Often it is in the simplest of things: sharing of laughter between loved ones, knowing glances of unconditional love felt between two people, feeling lightness coursing through your body as you feel the joy that comes from your unsolicited gift of kindness to someone. These daily blessings are what fill us with much love, joy, and inspiration.

Begin to record the daily blessings you receive and notice with gratitude how perfect and special each one is. Honour life by appreciating all of what you are given, what you receive, and what you already have.

Blessings to you for a very special and magical NEW year of LIFE, and may you always receive all of the very BEST! Namaste!