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For each day of this month, I offer a single word - to contemplate, consider, and hopefully be inspired by. Look for the beauty and magic in each day of your life rather then focus attention on a single customary day or series of days that may happen but once a year. Consider how you will celebrate more single moments now.

Open yourself to experiencing life as an limitless series of precious moments. Namaste!

December 12th: BALANCE

Balance is how you LIVE life. Balance exists in honouring your choices and holding appreciation for what fulfills you. Living in balance is seeing the true nature of life's blessings as they unfold perfectly before you.

Sometimes we focus on the idea of balance as having an appropriate amount of fun and play in conjunction with (or to offset) a busy work life. Balance is actually about experiencing fun and play throughout life. Any task or activity that you would label as 'work' is experienced 'in balance' as you approach it with a lightness of freedom, gentle effort, appreciation, importance, and yet meaningful.

In fact, everything might be experienced as significant if you approach it with an attitude of balance; making it valuable because of the quality of appreciation you attribute to it.

Balance is the ability to experience all of life's perfect moments in full appreciation. Balance is your inner attitude to see and interpret the world as a series of meaningful experiences regardless of whether they are moments of play or work.

In this month and in your life; aim to live in balance of all that you do.

December 13th: LOVE

"All you need is to be LOVE"

We look to others to love us. We actually have it backwards. Be LOVE first.

The importance of being love is in its nature to FREE you may experience life so much more fully support you along your individual path..and to unite you with others.

In being loving FIRST, we experience love.

In offering our gentle nature as beings 'OF love', we might easily BE LOVE in all areas of life.

We do not have to question whether or not we can love; each of us is innately GIFTED with the capacity...with the infinite ability TO LOVE - and to be loving.

Especially when it feels very hard to choose love when you are feeling anything but this - choosing to express love through kind words and actions is the one most direct and perfect path back to feeling whole - loved - inner peace...again.

Not only at this time of year ....but always.... open yourself to being loving in your actions first. Show kindness, honour the good in others... see the good in yourself.

This is how you experience the perfect beauty (the perfect blessing) of love in you first ...and then in life.

The secret is to honour the beauty of love within you first. BE LOVE ...first.

December 14th: Your 'GIFTS'

Your gifts are how you share your perfect nature in the world. Gifts are inherent `blessings`; `god-given`talents, skills and abilities that enable you to offer - contribute - share ....something extraordinary.

Especially at this time of year, encourage yourself to look beyond the customary expectations driven by `big business` commercialism. What is the true meaning and purpose of buying gifts for others. What message and meaning do you sincerely want to convey and how can you best do this.

Offer gifts of time, friendship, kind words and thoughtfulness. Consider the ways in which others already value you, who you are; what you do in kindness; and the many ways in which you help.

Consider the notion that in sharing your gifts easily - freely - you provide abundance to others; the same notion of abundance returns to you as you receive exactly what you need (even if you do not always recognize this). You receive equal and more to what you give based on the perfect nature of the universal law of attraction.

Honour the perfect nature of others. See their inherent gifts. Look within yourself and discover some gifts that you possibly didn`t know you had...that you didn`t realize before now. See the perfect gifts you possess and can offer the world and share these freely. This is how we all experience the beauty and magic of gifts in our life- daily.

December 15th: HONOUR

How can you live upholding Honour? What does it mean to be honourable? [HONOUR=Upstanding-'just'-good]

Reveal your ability to be honourable in action-thoughts-and words. Feel your honourable nature as what upholds you to doing the 'right' thing - of being GOODNESS in the world-even if others are unable to do so.

When you honour your 'self' - you take gentle care to uphold what you know is right for you. Especially at this time of year, honour yourself with kindness and gentle action. Uphold with care and consideration what helps you to feel good about yourself; what honours your inner spirit - your soul.

December 16th: AFFECTION

Affection is how we show our feelings of: love, consideration, and kindness outwardly. Affection is more significant than simply hugs - kisses - or a gentle touch to reveal the care you feel toward someone.

Affection is first felt as your heart dancing; and you skillfully, playfully sharing of your heart's dance.

When you are affectionate, others feel loved, cared for, cherished. When you offer AFFECTION others feel the dance of your heart for them.

Consider how your affection in words and actions carries meaning and love to those who are most special to you.

Affection is action that deepens and strengthens our bond with others and communicates the love we feel in our hearts.

How might you share affection freely not only with those you care so deeply about - but in gentle ways with all people?

Share the blessing of affection with all those who cross your path today....and every day. See how your small acts of affection easily have a beautiful "affect" on others.

December 17th: CARE

Care is how you show love; how you live as love in the world. When you care, you are guided to kind action; to be gentle, generous, and often remarkable in how you reveal yourself. Care is a way of helping; and a way of demonstrating affection, love, joy.

In this month and as you look ahead to the coming new year; consider ways in which you could be more caring with others. How could you practice greater SELF-CARE and the ability to honour yourself with loving kindness - especially at times when may be more inclined to be critical, self-loathing, or ignoring your basic needs.

Self-care is the path to self-love; to feeling worthy, and building healthy self-esteem.

Care about others and the world by standing for something important; and not simply following in the beliefs of others when that seems easier.

Care that others have their own wounds and hurts and that their behaviours are reflective of how they feel and think about their self at any given time; YOU do not have to personalize other's actions toward you.

Care about others, without carrying them through life. Each person needs to live their life as autonomous and free; even though you will not always agree with their choices.

CARE that you can make a difference in the lives of others, and the world at large simply because you seek to do so. Trust that your caring nature is what others admire and appreciate about you.

CARE about those who have less LOVE in their lives; who feel unloved or do not know how to give love freely - unconditionally - easily.... (for they also do not know how to give unconditional love to their self).

December 18th: DISCIPLINE

This may be the time of year that you "give in" to discipline; that you move away from routine and some of the regular responsibilities of your 'disciplined life' and instead .....follow your heart.

For some, it is precisely now that you will decide to be more disciplined in specific ways; in preparation for goals and projects you are working toward, or in changing certain aspects of how you live life.

Consider how the practice of discipline helps you to live better.

We often have great ideas and plans for what we want to accomplish. Yet, without the resolve (the inner commitment) that discipline helps with, we don't achieve all that is possible - and certainly not in the timeline that could help best.

Consider NEW ways in which you may hold discipline in life. Do you honour discipline as an inner resolve to having more quality time with loved ones? Discipline in how you use the gift of time? Do you become more disciplined in what you choose to do with your money? Or how you take care of yourself?

Make new habits of discipline that feel responsible and right for you and choose to honour these even when others around you have different values. Seek to stay committed to your new practice of discipline and observe how doing so moves you forward in life... fulfilling you.

December 19th: KINDNESS

Kindness is love shown openly. You reveal kindness when you decide to openly share "your greatness" in the world. Kindness is your inner grace; your inner beauty ...revealed openly.

When we take a few moments to reveal the kindness we are capable of, two things always happen. First: we are inspired by how good we feel in being kind. Second: our kindness returns to us in some future form. This is why acts of random kindness done in secret always have a positive effect on our lives. Whether you kindness is directed openly at another person or 'gifted' in secret....consider ways in which you might spread kindness "on purpose" today. Recall how others have shown kindness and grace toward you and the feelings of care and love you have felt. Honour your choices to be kind; to reveal yourself as kindness in action and notice what beautiful impact your love has on the world.

December 20th: REFLECTION

While you may be busily occupied at this time of year - enjoying festive gatherings with family and friends, the bustle of shopping, and the preparation for your personal holiday celebration - consider how perfect a time it is to reflect on the ending of a year in your life.

I originally chose December as a time to reflect on the blessings of each and every day for an important reason: December leads us into a new calendar year, and with it a hope - filled" series of commitments, ideals, and possible goals that reflect what you want most for your life.

In advance of the coming new year and what you openly hope and work toward - these last 12 days of 2012 mark a time of reflection - of looking within yourself and outside at how you live life. With reflection comes careful and deliberate introspection on the meaning and purpose you place on life - your life .... and with what changes you most seek.

Reflecting requires us to look back, to consider the moments of the precious months; scanning and reviewing where we started this year, what we've enjoyed, experienced, learned, and become.

Let the reflective moments you pursue now, help you plan, consider, and determine the year ahead with renewed optimism, hope, and inspiration for all that is good.