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For each day of this month, I offer a single word - to contemplate, consider, and hopefully be inspired by. Look for the beauty and magic in each day of your life rather then focus attention on a single customary day or series of days that may happen but once a year. Consider how you will celebrate more single moments now.

Open yourself to experiencing life as an limitless series of precious moments. Namaste!

December 1st: PATIENCE

Who do you need to be patient with? How can you experience yourself as patient?

Patience is having the ability to deeply inhale ...and exhale before saying something you might later be regretful of.

Patience is having the inner desire to be attentive and to wait - pausing gently - rather than hurrying, rushing, without careful attention to detail around you.

Patience is the inner notion that there is always enough time to do everything that you need - and everything that is important to you.

Patience is the calm that we call up from within us, that we bestow on others as a way of honouring their gentle spirit.

Honour the idea of patience by being mindful of the needs of others; and of knowing that there is enough time for everything.

December 2nd: TRUTH

Truth is in everything - and existing everywhere. We witness truth most easily in nature; watching, observing life in action. We feel the gentle nature of trees securely rooted in the earth and witness their truth - growing, being still, moving ever so gently with the wind.

Truth is about living free - without the limiting or fear based thoughts of the mind. Truth is experienced by acknowledging your inner voice - the voice of your soul. Your soul's wisdom moves through you. Like the tree, you exist simply as the inner nature of who you already are; honouring what your path is.

Embrace the idea of truth and acknowledge the uniqueness of who you are; including your interests and passions; and how you might enjoy the simplest things of life simply because they have meaning for you.

Honour your truth - the way you live freely expresses the beauty of your inner nature - and of your life.

December 3rd: HOPE

Hope is the beginning of everything. It is the freedom of hope that allows us to dream, imagine, and believe; bringing into our lives ...the possibilities for so much.

What do you hope for today? What do you hope for in your future? Hope is how you contemplate and then believe in the possibility - of something magical, special - perfect.

This third blessing reminds you to have hope. Let hope be the beginning of what inspires you and then let yourself follow in action toward this. Consider that everything you wish for needs momentum. The possibility of hope gives your deepest desires meaning - and life.

December 4th: COMMITMENT

Commitment reveals your path. It is your greatest force in life, making your true nature known in the world and living its sacred way ever so perfectly. Beyond what you decide in your mind, let your intuition guide you in your journey of commitment. Let your path unfold as you seek to honour the most perfect blessings of your heart's desire.

Commitment isn't always easy. It upholds action. The moment you express a commitment to something, your heart beckons you toward it.

Find commitment in something. Allow your commitment to unfold as sacred guidance of how you live and express yourself in life. Honour the sacred path of commitment for its perfect nature is what inspires, challenges, and moves you toward 'honourable' action. Ensure that whatever your commitment is - it is divine and perfect for you.

What do you commit to? How do you uphold your commitment successfully? Are your beliefs in line with your commitment? Do you commit to a particular action, a way of being in the world, or another person? How do you decide what you will commit to? Which commitments become easier with time? How does this happen?

Hold commitment. Honour your word to others, to yourself, and to your action.


How do you practice understanding?

Understanding is being gentle in your words and actions. You can be understanding even when you do not fully understand someone.

Honour the path of others by being understanding of their unique nature - their interests and ideas, their efforts and attempts to be enlightened do their very best.

Understanding is love shared openly. Others feel your effort to be understanding and the way in which you gently honour their spirit by showing respect and in being kindness.

Choose to be understanding with others when they are different in thought and beliefs. Choose to be understanding instead in moments when you feel yourself becoming frustrated. Seek at that moment - to understand the other person with open-ended questions and a true desire for learning something new.

This is how you practice understanding and how you become understood. Others gravitate toward you with a keen interest to understand you when they feel your understanding nature first.

December 6th: KNOWLEDGE

Knowledge is what we 'know', what ensures we are learning, growing, supporting our self in purposeful action. Knowledge is power since it reminds us of our inherent right to learn what we need to know and so much more.

Knowledge is our fundamental right. We are blessed with the power and ability to learn - to know - to observe every experience with the knowledge that it can teach us something valuable and important. Seeing and experiencing every situation from this viewpoint means that it will teach us ...enlighten new ways of being in the world.

What knowledge do you gain by remaining open to each of life's experiences ...and without judging the experience as "right" or "wrong", "good" or "bad"? What new learnings happen when you allow your knowledge to simply grow with each day?

December 7th: KINDNESS

What IS the need for kindness in life? What is kindness except love sown openly? Can YOU reveal kindness in all ways to others? Can you reveal it first to yourself? experience what it means to be kind in nature, and loving in action?

Kindness is how we reveal to others their special greatness. It is through acts of kindness that we bestow in the world, that others become free to feel their own inspirations and to live these.

It is kindness expressed inwardly that nurtures our spirit and allows us to be easily loving with one another.

December 8th: BLESSINGS

Through Knowledge you grow, become inspired, feel confident. Knowledge IS a gift of power - self-esteem.

Let the journey of knowledge be your guide in discovering, witnessing, learning. Expand your vision of the world and how you view yourself. Beginning with today, let the miracle of knowledge grow and deepen your self-confidence. Let the new knowledge you seek help you live inspired and free... and on purpose.

December 9th: HONESTY

Through HONESTY you live in truth. Honesty is your path of awakening. When you are honest first with yourself, then with all others; you ARE free to be your TRUE self.

As you live honestly, your decisions and actions will continue to reflect all that is best and right for you. Being self-honest is the only way you will learn who you are and live confidently in that knowing.

Sometimes when we are honest, others become hurt or even offended. Others may judge your honesty if it doesn't match or support 'their' own perceptions and beliefs.

What matters is that you remain honest - that you hold honest to your truth. Others will either find a way to understand and accept what honesty you offer, or not. Remaining honest as you explain your opinions and values with kind words is all that you are responsible for!

Honesty is the beauty of who you are ....expressed outwards.

December 10th: IMAGINATION

Imagination is your heart leaping in excitement.

Imagination is the perfect way that you bring creativity forward in the world; honouring your unique ideas and imagination as divine perfection.

Through imagination, the inner urges of your soul are revealed. Follow the desires of your imagination. Allow your creative spirit to speak through you; and enjoy the beautiful gifts you reveal.

When you allow yourself to imagine; the beauty and wisdom of your heart shines brightly. You create beauty in life through the creation of your ideas in imagination.

Consider taking moments wherever you are to use your imagination today. Create in your mind's eye the most beautiful paradise. How different would it really be from the life you live? Consider the most elaborate details you can imagine.

How might you see the most incredible experiences of your life even if they haven't happened yet?

Honour your imagination to warm your heart with hope - possibility - and the freedom to be as you imagine you are.

December 11th: MAGIC

The MAGIC of life moves you....inspires you...frees you in discovery and in LOVE. LIVE IN THE MAGIC OF EACH MOMENT.