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My Contribution to The Lighter Side of Cancer

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The secret to authentic happiness is in knowing our self intimately. Self-knowledge precedes inner work and the discovery of our life's passions. Nurturing our innate talents and gifts, we begin to define a purposeful existence for our life.

With conscious awareness comes the realization that there are many more possibilities to your life than the stereotypical ideals that society deems as important. Service of others and being loving and kind go a long way to feeling a sense of fulfillment in who you are.

Your life's purpose is, to a large degree, shaped by the innate abilities and talents you already possess. When you contribute to the world and its people, you feel a profound sense of purpose and meaning. Each of us has unique and specific 'gifts' that we might share with others in order to help in service. Your gifts are uncomplicated, often requiring little effort at best. They are not determined by intelligence, wealth, privilege, or physical attractiveness. While your gifts are predestined, you use your free will to decide how you share your gifts with others.

To help you get started, ask yourself the following questions, noting what common themes and ideas emerge: What are the things that you are naturally good at? What do others come to you for help with? In moments when you feel a deep sense of inner happiness and fulfillment, what are you doing? As a kid, what did you dream about becoming? What do you most enjoy doing in your free time right now? If money were plentiful, what would you be doing with your life?

Take the first step toward figuring out what you would most enjoy doing with your life. Act on this love or passion by finding a means (right now) of sharing it with those around you. Notice what feelings you experience as you consciously seek out ways to share your gifts with others.

To create a life that has meaning and purpose requires that you rely on yourself for answers and guidance for what's best for you. Be true to yourself, and to what gives you the greatest source of inner happiness and fulfillment.